Remembering Jack



The fifth of September,  his parent’s touched down

the first time they’d been to Phuket
it wasn’t a moment of joy for them both
but one they would never forget

Her eyes never smiled, she longed to believe
that somehow they had the wrong boy
Her beautiful son should be strong and alive
he’d always brought them so much joy

Five years is forever for parent’s who care,
did Jack know how much he was missed?
Was coming back home such a terrible thing?
Oh how could their lone son do this?

Welcomed by housemates from all walks of life
Stories and pictures were shared
Jack’s shell shocked parent’s were now in Jack’s world,
surprised that so many kids cared

His charm and his spirit, his mad sense of humour
Jack was amazingly kind
His daring, his warmth, and his constant good nature
he left a big fan club behind

Facebook was streaming from kids round the globe
Jack had touched all of their lives
So many reached out when they learned about Jack
..his parent’s had not realized

Jack couldn’t go home, he couldn’t go back
he couldn’t face life in that town
so Jack rode the wave on a mind blowing drug
ensuring he never came down

His funeral was open to all of Jack’s friends
Beds, food and drinks were provided
They came from all corners in tshirts and thongs
dad said ‘no dress code required’

And true to Jack’s style they all raised a glass
and laughingly talked about Jack
he would have been proud of the people he loved
and how much they all loved him back..


rub your hands together


Rub your hands together
I’m back with my old bomb
you’d think there’s nothing I’d prefer
to spend my money on
She’s spluttering and smoking
despite her recent service
and everytime I see a hill
it makes me bloody nervous

Rub your hands together
you greasy little man
and nod your head in sympathy
pretend you understand
Her tyres need replacing
she needs a thorough clean
but everytime she lets me down
I suddenly feel mean

A shiny radiator was put in just last week
and those are all new hoses
(I can’t bear another leak)
Her new exhaust cost plenty
it made her sound real smooth
I thought we’d turned the corner
but now she’ll barely move

Remember when I found her
I thought she was a dream
primed and freshly painted
my favourite shade of green

Guess he saw me coming
that dealer in the yard
knowing I was clueless
and desperate for a car

So rub your hands together
you’ve seen the last of us
she’ll soon be on the market
and I’ll be on the bus!




Would it put the past to rest
if Scotland voted ‘yes’
Would being free
change history
or bring true happiness

Has blood been shed in vain
have years drowned out the pain
Her grave’s cries out
without a doubt
‘Don’t let injustice reign’

Stick Around


I’ve been told a pack of lies
by a pack of men
lying lips and lying eyes
on every one of them

I’ve been told
a thousand times
‘I won’t let you down’
Talk is cheap,
it’s hard to keep
my blazing temper down

You want crap
and all of that
you want someone else
You want someone dirty flirty
someone like yourself?

If you want some honesty
that hurts you now and then
stick around
you’ll hear the truth
time and time again

If you think you’re looking good
saying nothing new
Barbie dolls are everywhere
I’m sure they’re made for you

If you think you’re just as cool
as that car you drive
don’t be shocked
if some of us
don’t realise you’re alive

I’ve been told a pack of lies
by a pack of men
Lying lips and lying eyes
won’t fool this girl again



Carve me out a new life
with your tools of observation
you can see it in my eyes
I’m craving motivation

Pencil in the smile
I lost along the way
let your artist’s fingers
sketch the girl who got away

Keep me in the picture
adore me with your eyes
let me see your love for me..
peek out through cloudy skies

Sketch me out a blanket
of fragrant daffodils
shadow us a corner
in water coloured hills

Create the perfect setting
with hands that I adore
sprinkle us in sunlight
So I’ll love life once more


You’ll miss this!


Thirty nine degrees here in the shade
sand in every crevice
and the smell of salty waves

A sky that never seems to promise rain
Seaside towns that always feel the same

You’ll miss our Aussie summers
and those flip flops we call ‘thongs’
You’ll miss these dusty winding roads
– it’s true, they’re all too long

Those mossie bites that make you scream blue murder..
you’ll even miss that beetroot on your burger

You’re gonna miss these chooks we buy from Coles
– fast and hot with coleslaw and breadrolls
An esky full of coke and bottled beer
Guaranteed you’re gonna miss it here!

You’ll miss our warm and humid summer nights
The harbour views spectacular
– those Sydney city lights
You’ll miss the easy going Aussie way
‘How’s it goin mate’  and our ‘G’day’

You’ve packed your bags
with clothes and souveniers
Toy kangaroo, akubra hat,
fridge magnets – you bought here…

It hasn’t hit you yet,
you’re heading home
But one day you’ll look back,
when you’re alone

and think of crashing waves
and long hot days
Surfboards on a Combi
and a blonde hair, blue eyed gaze

Then suddenly you’ll crave a memory
and before you know it,
you’ll be missing me :-)


Smash One and Smash Two


My husband grips the handbrake
our firstborn clicks her tongue
She’s bopping to the radio
he asks
‘Who turned that on?’

He quickly kills the music
then tells her ‘take it slow’
Lesson number 21
okay so here we go!

‘Both hands on the wheel’
‘Give that cyclist space’
‘You took that corner way too fast’
‘Now this time use your brakes’

I see her in the mirror
looking at herself
I grip my seatbelt tighter
and worry to myself

She sees a friend oncoming
now’s her chance to shine
hanging out the window
she gives him the peace sign

My husband has a heart attack
and screams for her to stop!
he needs to ‘chill’ she tells him
then falls into a strop

My husband loves his grey hair
he says he’s earned each one
our kids can drive us…
Up the wall
but driving is not fun

When we have three to manage
Log books, fights and turns
both our girls have passed the test
Now sonny wants to learn