Now we both see Red


Wasn’t I a lovely thing
innocent and so caring
when you’re young
you’re so trusting
you could have told me anything

And I bled
all over your beautiful bed
now we both see red
now we both see red

Wasn’t I a simple doe
big wide eyes
that loved you so
When you left
I felt the blow
damn you man
for letting go

And I bled
all over your beautiful bed
now we both see red
now we both see red

Wasn’t I
a happy child
full of hope
and running wild
always met you
with a smile
hope I stained your
conscience while..
I bled
all over your beautiful bed
now we both see red
now we both see red

Kisses xxxxx

I adore him

I adore him

I will shower you with kisses
when inside your world goes dark
I know I’m just your Mrs
I can’t fill the missing part

All the damage had been done
long before I came along

Your mother was a mistress and your father did her wrong

So I’ll shower you in kisses
make you something good to eat
I will comfort you in sickness
life can be so bittersweet

Never feel the isolation that you felt so long ago
feel my love and admiration
feel it everywhere you go

All your memories – a blur
there’s no photographs of you
A dirty little secret
God the pain that you’ve lived through
Just abandoned as a baby
no one soothing you to sleep
It’s those little interactions, that can make a child complete

So I smother you in kisses
like your mother should have done
I may only be your Mrs
but I’m also someone’s mum
and no way in hell would I be up and leaving my own son
you’ll be smothered with my kisses
You’ll be loved by everyone


Two Strangers


Two strangers
on a crowded street
it seems so right
that they should meet

It seems so right
to take the time
discover one another’s minds

No lying
what’s the point of lies
they share no friends
-they have no ties

Just for the day
they’ll share their lives
then walk away
with fond goodbyes

Two strangers
on a downtown train
crossing paths,
is this insane
maybe they should meet again?

fate is such a crazy game!

Two strangers
in a city bar
talking fast
and laughing hard

Before they know it
light turns dark
and they’ve both had
a change of heart

Two strangers
feeling so at home
life’s too short
to be alone
this time
they won’t miss the signs

Love is now on both their minds


So I Lied


I lied
yes lied
made the whole sick story up
to shock you
to watch you lap it up
thinking you’ll use it against me one day
Let you believe you had something over me

and it was fun

You underestimated me
I saw right through you
and I played you
because that’s all you deserve
and that’s all you’ll get from me

So before you go throwing it back in my face
in front of your chosen audience

Think twice

Because it will backfire on you
and your pathetic hunger for power

You want some dirt on me?
I’d be happy to fill you in
I’m quite the storyteller
so where should I begin..

Fat Toby


He lives in the hundred acre wood
So anyone would think his life is good
but Toby has a million things to do

‘What’s that noise
a bird or kangaroo?’

He has to be alert to every threat
if he could just chase butterflies
his life would be perfect!

But Toby needs to stand guard day and night

Dingo’s and goanna’s make him run away in fright

Then there’s all those screeching cockatoos

the kookaburra’s laugh at him

Oh what’s a cat to do?

Rats and bats are driving Toby nuts
sometimes he stays up all night
just protecting us!

Toby is a very stressed out cat
And that’s the reason why our Toby’s fat!

I see a hero


She, never came back

Left him with four kids
..and a mortgage

She never cared that
it was all they had
She said ‘Sell the house’
’cause I want my share
from this marriage’

He struggled through the pain
drove him half insane
had to start again

..with his offspring

Breaking down car
a fridge on the blink
bills never ending
and no time to think

Up packing lunches
waking four sleepy heads
Then working full time
so they all got fed

Four little tearaway’s
running down the beach
sun streaked hair
and a surfboard each
Sure they were feral
with their mother gone
but when he played guitar
they’d all sing along

Time heals wounds
and a sense of humour helps
the best gift he shared with them
was ‘laugh at yourself’

Now his four grown kids
share the stories of their youth
touching and hilarious
and every one is proof
that what he gave was everything
to get them here today
A hero in my eyes is he
though wrinkled, old and grey

That November


That November..

when we searched
for my name on a mug in Paris

A saxaphone delighted our souls on the metro

Under the stars we strolled along the canal
whilst indulging views of the Eiffel tower, lit up like a Christmas tree…

Where we drank the richest hot chocolate

Enjoyed a huge pizza in Provins
then climbed the city walls

Where we joined an anti war protest in Belgium
-admiring the camaraderie of her youth and their ‘live and let live’ attitude

Where we sat in a restaurant in Ghent and watched local children perform in the square

Where we spent a glorious autumn day in Bruges

The Grand Palace in Brussels, made us feel caught up in a fairytale.

Where Christmas markets decorated the streets
and the scent of cinnamon and cloves warmed our nostrils

Where we opened a door onto a balcony and were wowed by views of that city in Germany

Warm waffles, crepes and churros…
Chocolates and curry wurst, bratwurst and beer..
Ice rinks and chestnut trees covered in lights
Gloves, beanies, and a taste of hot egg nog

That November


hold on


What happened to the time we had
it’s disappeared from sight
holding on for what we have
I’m begging you to fight
Don’t give up and don’t give in
I need you to be strong
feel you slip away from me
oh please hold on, hold on

I’m not ready to lose you
I don’t know what went wrong
I only know I need you here
oh please hold on, hold on

Remember that I love you
if you can’t take the strain
I’ll hold your hand and scream with you
and help you through the pain
I’d die for you, you know that
I’m hurting and I’m scared
cause going on without you
is more than I can bear

You mustn’t let it pull you down
you’ve got to carry on
I promise that I’ll breathe for you
oh please hold on, hold on

You can’t let go, can’t leave me
here’s where you belong
everybody loves you so
please hold on, hold on

My heart is in your hands now
my tears fall down like rain
your body’s weak from fighting
I’m calling out your name
They’ve lost your precious heartbeat
they tell me that you’ve gone..
you’ll never be in pain again
No more holding on

Remembering Jack



The fifth of September,  his parent’s touched down

the first time they’d been to Phuket
it wasn’t a moment of joy for them both
but one they would never forget

Her eyes never smiled, she longed to believe
that somehow they had the wrong boy
Her beautiful son should be strong and alive
he’d always brought them so much joy

Five years is forever for parent’s who care,
did Jack know how much he was missed?
Was coming back home such a terrible thing?
Oh how could their lone son do this?

Welcomed by housemates from all walks of life
Stories and pictures were shared
Jack’s shell shocked parent’s were now in Jack’s world,
surprised that so many kids cared

His charm and his spirit, his mad sense of humour
Jack was amazingly kind
His daring, his warmth, and his constant good nature
he left a big fan club behind

Facebook was streaming from kids round the globe
Jack had touched all of their lives
So many reached out when they learned about Jack
..his parent’s had not realized

Jack couldn’t go home, he couldn’t go back
he couldn’t face life in that town
so Jack rode the wave on a mind blowing drug
ensuring he never came down

His funeral was open to all of Jack’s friends
Beds, food and drinks were provided
They came from all corners in tshirts and thongs
dad said ‘no dress code required’

And true to Jack’s style they all raised a glass
and laughingly talked about Jack
he would have been proud of the people he loved
and how much they all loved him back..


Stick Around


I’ve been told a pack of lies
by a pack of men
lying lips and lying eyes
on every one of them

I’ve been told
a thousand times
‘I won’t let you down’
Talk is cheap,
it’s hard to keep
my blazing temper down

You want crap
and all of that
you want someone else
You want someone dirty flirty
someone like yourself?

If you want some honesty
that hurts you now and then
stick around
you’ll hear the truth
time and time again

If you think you’re looking good
saying nothing new
Barbie dolls are everywhere
I’m sure they’re made for you

If you think you’re just as cool
as that car you drive
don’t be shocked
if some of us
don’t realise you’re alive

I’ve been told a pack of lies
by a pack of men
Lying lips and lying eyes
won’t fool this girl again



Carve me out a new life
with your tools of observation
you can see it in my eyes
I’m craving motivation

Pencil in the smile
I lost along the way
let your artist’s fingers
sketch the girl who got away

Keep me in the picture
adore me with your eyes
let me see your love for me..
peek out through cloudy skies

Sketch me out a blanket
of fragrant daffodils
shadow us a corner
in water coloured hills

Create the perfect setting
with hands that I adore
sprinkle us in sunlight
So I’ll love life once more


You’ll miss this!


Thirty nine degrees here in the shade
sand in every crevice
and the smell of salty waves

A sky that never seems to promise rain
Seaside towns that always feel the same

You’ll miss our Aussie summers
and those flip flops we call ‘thongs’
You’ll miss these dusty winding roads
– it’s true, they’re all too long

Those mossie bites that make you scream blue murder..
you’ll even miss that beetroot on your burger

You’re gonna miss these chooks we buy from Coles
– fast and hot with coleslaw and breadrolls
An esky full of coke and bottled beer
Guaranteed you’re gonna miss it here!

You’ll miss our warm and humid summer nights
The harbour views spectacular
– those Sydney city lights
You’ll miss the easy going Aussie way
‘How’s it goin mate’  and our ‘G’day’

You’ve packed your bags
with clothes and souveniers
Toy kangaroo, akubra hat,
fridge magnets – you bought here…

It hasn’t hit you yet,
you’re heading home
But one day you’ll look back,
when you’re alone

and think of crashing waves
and long hot days
Surfboards on a Combi
and a blonde hair, blue eyed gaze

Then suddenly you’ll crave a memory
and before you know it,
you’ll be missing me 🙂


Smash One and Smash Two


My husband grips the handbrake
our firstborn clicks her tongue
She’s bopping to the radio
he asks
‘Who turned that on?’

He quickly kills the music
then tells her ‘take it slow’
Lesson number 21
okay so here we go!

‘Both hands on the wheel’
‘Give that cyclist space’
‘You took that corner way too fast’
‘Now this time use your brakes’

I see her in the mirror
looking at herself
I grip my seatbelt tighter
and worry to myself

She sees a friend oncoming
now’s her chance to shine
hanging out the window
she gives him the peace sign

My husband has a heart attack
and screams for her to stop!
he needs to ‘chill’ she tells him
then falls into a strop

My husband loves his grey hair
he says he’s earned each one
our kids can drive us…
Up the wall
but driving is not fun

When we have three to manage
Log books, fights and turns
both our girls have passed the test
Now sonny wants to learn


Student’s Abroad


I love to stalk your travels
and read your points of view
imagine all the sights and sounds
– the things you’re going through

I love to watch you tumble
then land back on your feet
grasp languages and cultures
you never thought you’d speak

I love to feel the rush
when someone takes the plunge
I’m there with you
Excited too!
Be brave out there dear ones

I love your crazy photo’s
the people you inspire
A traveller’s like a breath of Spring
awakening desire

I love to watch you settle
to see you’ve made a home
Stranger’s become family
so you won’t miss your own

I love to see you laughing
and knowing you’ll be fine
a whole new world has opened up
enjoy this precious time!


Shallow Bay


When I was a kid it was prison
living so damn far away
A day into town was a mission
I hated my life in the Bay!

I whined about silence and dirt roads
the forest – a big looming space
A shed in the bush was our homestead
until this big house took its place

I couldn’t move out any faster
-once I’d completed year ten
I found myself back down in Sydney
-the land of the living..again

Returning to visit was different
– often I’d bring a new friend
The bay has her own special magic
and so they would come back again…

Life in The bay is a blessing
a wonderful peaceful escape
Our home is surrounded by forest..
and dirt roads that wind round the lake

Our kids find it dull and depressing..
those long silent days in The bay
we smile and act sympathetic

We know that they’ll love it one day…



Collage 2014-01-16 12_18_55

Heard you described me
as being self absorbed
guess I deserve your lack of praise
Some things you hear should really be ignored
some people read you wrong, some days

I never please you
with the choices that I make
you’ll never understand my path
You need security, you see me as a flake
you say my lifestyle makes you laugh

I wrote a list
of all the things I did last year
-I never do the normal things
like driving trucks – yet another new career
I’m always keen to stretch my wings

Backpacked through Europe
got lost hopelessly in Rome
we spent the whole night on the street
No public transport there to take us home
it was the highlight, so to speak

We have our differences
and you know that’s okay
but there is one thing I would change
I never judge you
never criticise your way
I just wish you could do the same

Broken veins and promises


Did someone cut you to the core
in that psyche ward corridor
left you bleeding on the floor
bandaged wrists, still red and raw

Victim of my indecision
lover of my half arsed vision
you said that you were meant for me
but I’m your biggest enemy

Broken veins and promises
can teach us many things
like never grip onto a heart
that needs to spread it’s wings ….

With shaking hands, I called your mum and dad
his eyes were red from crying
and your mum was bloody mad
Awkward and confused I felt so bad
the whole thing seemed surreal and very sad

Crippling as it was to let you go..
curled up in a fetal pose
-it broke my heart, you know

I left you in that cold white bed
walked the streets to clear my head
thanked the lord that you weren’t dead
then headed to the scene of dread

The empty bottles kind of said it all
when I let myself in your front door
blood was on the wall and down the hall
but most of it was on your bathroom floor

I scrubbed and washed all evidence away
I thought ‘your parents don’t need this today’
I left a letter trying to convey
‘how sad I was that things turned out this way’

This poem lacks my usual rhythm and balance, like my life did back then.

Great Divides

We kissed a few frogs
and we dated some dogs
yeah we climbed into bed with some slime
It took time to learn
that it pays to discern
who should take up our money and time

We partied all night
got home drunk at daylight
feeling seedy and tired and spent
we could laugh at ourselves
and our hangover hells
man, it feels like those days came and went

‘I’m too sexy’ would play
while we danced round the place
we were looking for fun, friends and love
then I flew off one day
on a cheap one way plane
-the recession turned push into shove

I cashed in my bets
while you looked for To-lets
It was time to start living our lives
I found myself there
just a case and long hair
while you soon settled down …

-great divides

Now we catch up sometimes
and we talk of those times
when we didn’t know where we’d end up
It was crazy and wild
brings a genuine smile
some parts of us never grow up


Please don’t try to hide it
you can’t hide it anymore
I know what you’re going through
I’ve lived your life before
seen those marks a hundred times
so yeah, I know the score
Girl, I want to help you
cause that’s what good friends are for

Maybe you can change him?
Well, I guess that much is true
but Honey, you can’t change him
like the way he’s changing you!

Don’t give me excuses
don’t you think I know the signs
don’t you think I know you stay
and pray for those good times

Hey, you don’t have to listen
to a word I have to say
maybe I should find the strength
to look the other way
maybe if I didn’t care
when all was said and done
you’d be on your own my friend
with nowhere left to run!images-20



Earth is such a lonely place without you
Sunshine cannot scorch your memory
I just spend my days thinking about you
Smiling hides my tears and misery

Photographs in picture frames
and albums I embrace
Treasures, since you went away
but you, they can’t replace

Mountain views and winter snow
I cherish
but even they can’t comfort me
for long
At times I wish I too, like you
will perish
then I won’t be forced to be so strong

Last night we were beautiful together
In my dream you told me not to cry
You will be my guiding light forever
then you kissed my lips and said ‘goodbye’




Adam peaked in high school
-like so many do

He said ‘Ya know it was good back then
I miss those days with you’

‘Now nobody wants to hear
about my boring job
yeh, I used to be the man of her dreams..
now I’m just a blob’

‘The best of days, for us
have really come and gone

You reach your peak in high school
then sadly, life goes on…’

Oh Adam! don’t get dismal
you sound just like that song
don’t be a one hit wonder
the best is yet to come!

That mountain top
had awesome views
but nowhere left to climb
so you were forced to come on down
and leave the past behind

You’ll find another hilltop
I know you’ll fly again
you may just find the boy you lost
inside this sad old man

Adam bought a ticket
and packed his hiking boots
he’s off to find his former self
in his Scottish roots

‘Call me from the Highlands’
I say with tongue in cheek
I hope he makes it to the top
of every mountain peak


I Am (not Neil Diamond)

Perth is fine
the sun shines most the time
and the feeling is laid back
Palm trees grow and rents are low
but you know, 
I keep thinking about ..
making my way back

I’m Sydney City born and raised
but nowadays,
I’m caught between two shores

Perth is fine but it ain’t home
Sydney’s home but it ain’t mine, no more

I am, I said
to my old man
and he replied ‘I understand’
I am, I cried
I am, said I
And I can’t change the way I feel
how hard I’ve tried

You ever hear the story about the Aussie girl who married a Danish prince
and moved to Denmark?
Well except for the names and a few other changes
if you talk about me,
that story’s my benchmark

But I’ve got an emptiness deep inside
and I’ve tried
but it won’t let me go
and I’m not a girl who likes to swear
but I’ve never cared
for the thought
of settling in one home

I am, I said
to my old man
and he replied ‘I understand’
I am, I cried
I am, said I
And I can’t change the way I am
how hard I’ve tried

Perth is fine
the sun shines most the time
and the feeling is laid back..


He was my first love
with his pixie ears and his reckless statements
he truly believed in forever

He was my first taste
of crazy adventures
and amazingly kind gestures

We were perfect together

He was my hero
wielding a sword like a pirate
with fearless abandon
a grin on his face
and a thirst for first place
his good humour was …random

He was incredibly brave,
nothing short of intriguing
and I was mesmerised
– slightly hypnotised
I was all for believing

He was perfect
he never wanted to be like anybody else
what a lovely idea
Standing on a rock
declaring for all to hear
That dying would be an awfully big adventure!

He was peter

The boy who filled me with wunderlust
taught me to fly
to laugh instead of cry
to embrace the child inside
and follow my heart
to Neverland


You say you like the top end
the best that life can give
and god knows you have everything
you sure know how to live

You drink the finest vintage
rub shoulders with the rich
and I might be impressed by you
if you weren’t such a bitch

I’d love to see you humble
not looking down your nose
not bragging about what you have
not showing off your clothes

I’d love to see you honest
not bursting out hot air
I’m sure you can do anything
except be humble yeah?

You say that people cancel
when you invite them round
and how you never hear from them
(You probably put them down)

It’s clear you think you’re better
from all the things you say
and people don’t know what to think
so they just stay away

I’d love to see you humbled
and acting down to earth
Cause money doesn’t make you rich
it clearly makes you worse

I couldn’t afford you

I only embarrassed myself
with my sketches
and jars on my shelf
you were kind to be cool
didn’t call me a fool
but your eyes gave away something else

I couldn’t afford you
you know I adored you
but I can’t afford all the pain
I couldn’t be more true
but that wouldn’t hold you
I couldn’t pretend we’re the same

I only desired a kiss
a piece of your miss
You didn’t move closer
I felt like a failure
I’m glad now I didn’t insist

I couldn’t afford you
I’d like to applaud you
for smoothly extracting yourself
your smile was distant
and slightly resistant
your eyes gave away something else

Like a rainbow that’s fading away
perhaps you’ll come back here one day
when dreams let you down
you’ll come back to this town
but I won’t be looking your way

Aussie Sunday

Crispy crumpets toasted
with a smear of Vegemite
A little piece of heaven
absorbed in every bite

A bush walk down a trail
with Jeannie at my heels
she’s just a little puppy dog
who loves my half burnt meals

Kindling for our fire
is taken from my arms
replaced with strong hot coffee
you gotta love his charms

Music fills our little home
and Jeannie takes a nap
while budgie’s mirror always shows
a very handsome chap

Soon I’ll go out foraging
for vegie’s, herbs and eggs
our garden is a wondrous place
and great to stretch my legs

The winter days are shorter
so round-up time is five
the chooks,  the ducks and guinea fowl
are sure to run and hide

Worn out from the farmyard games
we head back home for tea
a glass of wine might follow
while we watch some TV

Fire stacked with heavy logs
we saunter off to bed
we love our Aussie Sunday’s
it’s the Monday’s that we dread!

The Ace In The Pack

That soup kitchen may be depressing
but she brings her warm sunny smile
She moves round that hall
with no judgement at all
insisting they stay for a while

She’s never too busy for kindness
she packs them some takeaway cake
and they’re unaware
of how much she cares
or how late she stayed up to bake

They all know her down at the garden
where produce is grown for the poor
she drops by most days
just to offer them praise
yes, she’s been a rock for them all

On Friday’s she’s up at the library
while those needing help sit and wait
she sorts out their tax
and asks nothing back
they all think she’s totally great

So next time you see her out shopping,
waving or stopping to chat
You’ll know what she’s worth
the salt of the earth
My mum is the Ace in the pack


Shark eyes

Shark eyes

I guess that I attract her with my easy Aussie smile
or maybe I distract her from her lifestyle for a while
I know she’s been his answer… and her families’ sacrifice
but looking in her eyes, I feel she’s really paid the price

‘She never gets excited’ her husband says to me
‘In fact she’s very private..quiet..never been carefree..’
‘A funny sort of girl’ he ends with some apology
I nod and like him play pretend
but he knows what I see

An Asian wife, an Aussie man, a simplified transaction
and everything just went to plan?
well not by her reaction
I’ve never seen a sadder face and I’ve lived many lives
her spirit had to be erased and now she’s got shark eyes

Calling Sydney

Calling Florence from the lobby
of a Hilton in the square
Can’t afford one night in Paris
but my darling, you don’t care

We’re two drifters on a journey
loving anything that’s new
we’d prefer to eat our dinner
on a park bench with a view

We could teach the peasants english
in a medieval town
just a pair of homing pigeons
who may never settle down

We can see the world through windows
on an intercity train
or cuddle up in Starbucks
while the streets soak up Spring rain

Calling Sydney from a phone box
on a steamy little street
where the echoes from the market place
are busy and upbeat

Piazza’s are our stomping ground
where buskers come to sing
we bring our store bought vino
and we drink in everything

We’re a world away from anyone
and years away from home
if we call, we’ll have to call collect
we’re skint but not alone

I’m Italian, then I’m German
I’m an Austrian for sure
but Amsterdam has changed me
– it’s the Dutch that I adore

No, really I’m an Aussie
and it’s time to say goodbye
but Europe you were wonderful
-real candy for the eye

Our memories will warm us
and leave us wanting more
I promise we’ll return real soon
and stay a year or more




She’s a multitude of detail
dressed up beautifully in white
she’s a garden down a winding road
a balcony of bright

Her heartbeat is a drumroll
she’s as awesome as the sun
and when it comes to cities
she can outshine every one

A staircase, a cathedral
ancient, timeless, set in stone
she’s the ultimate renaissance

and you’ll wish she was your home

Colour’s vivid and eye catching
oh she knows you’ll be seduced
while she spreads her wealth so lazily
she’s clever, not obtuse

She won’t bore you for a second
she’s a feast for every eye
you’ll be struggling to see everything

but time will march on by

She’s bountiful and beautiful
her granduer captivates
impressive doesn’t capture
all the terms she can embrace

We kissed a coin and tossed it high
into her Trevi falls
I know we’ll both return one day
because this girl enthralls!

Berlin Boxer

His face caught my attention
and held me mesmerised
his picture told a story
of a boxer on the rise

The champion of Berlin
a future to behold
but born to Jewish blood lines
it didn’t quite unfold

They stripped him of his title
his freedom and his home
a Jewish concentration camp
was where this boy was thrown

Then beaten like an animal
till he had nothing left
yes I can just imagine
how they tortured him to death

They claimed he wasn’t German
he fought more like a Jew
it makes my blood red hot with rage
to think what he went through

my heart breaks for his family
who lost their precious boy
his trophy was returned to them
but there was little joy


She’s a fun..
but complicated girl
her lipsticks’s raunchy red
and she’s rocking out your world

She’s got style
but her halo’s kinda slipping
her morals are in pieces
but with her you could be tripping

She’s adventure
live life now or not at all
and you can’t resist the freedom
it’s too tempting to ignore

There’s no rules
ride a bar down her main street
make a coffeeshop your home
she won’t judge
the indiscreet

She’s the bomb
and she’s opening your mind
like a taste of days gone by
it’s like stepping back in time

And it works
somehow things just fall in place
there’s a multitude of bicycles
and very little space

I’m in love
with her sordid crazy life
she can stick it to the man
she’s not anybody’s wife

Come and see
come and stay here for a while
she’s a sexy, worldly woman
and you’ll leave her with a smile


i hope that time doesn’t catch us


Cockroaches in the hall
cheap lino on the floor
a dirty sink full of dishes

people just come and go
some we don’t even know
this is a crib full of drifters

Sweet music plays all night
we rock by candlelight
and love without expectation

we live for freedom yeah
too young to really care
about the world’s complications

You light my cigarette
it’s getting cold…I’m wet
this winter’s dragged on for too long

your pocket’s warm my hands
we do a little dance

let’s go lay down on your futon

then we’ll watch rage all night
under your disco light
I might curl up on your mattress

you play your air guitar
dream big my little star
I hope that time doesn’t catch us

I hope that time doesn’t catch us

You’re smarter than our peers
I’m wiser than my years
our world is brighter in darkness

my clothes are inside out
ain’t that what life’s about
it’s upside down, it’s a hard test

Out there we’re underpaid
unsure not unafraid
there’s nothing here that attracts us

while they chase dollar signs
we love with open minds
I hope that time doesn’t catch us

I hope that time doesn’t catch us

Smooth Liar


You’re on the run
you’ve changed your name
you know, I’m not surprised
and who the hell is lending you
that Jag you always drive

You’re full of shit
I must admit
it’s always fun to see
how verbal diarrhea
gets you where you need to be

You’re flashing cash
and buying rounds
but you know
I know better
your new friends
are impressed by you

yeah you’re a real go getter

You’d sell your soul
then steal it back
you play an unfair game
and nothing ever touches you
you’re like an open flame

Yeah babe I got your number
forget that you got mine
cos I don’t need to hear about
the mess you left this time

I like you crazy lady
you’re always looking fine
but I can’t justify your needs
to those you leave behind

Mr Right Now

She’s constantly searching for her Mr Right
and nothing deters her from this
She’s got some poor lad
she’s lined up
for the part
and he’s trying hard to resist

She’s passive aggressive and over the top
she’s jealous and scared to let go
we gently advise her to loosen the reins
but this only makes her explode

She’s had a good run with a few Mr Wrongs
but now it’s a matter of time
There’s nothing could stop her
he’ll have to leave town
he’s tried every way to decline

It’s funny, it’s tragic, it’s desperately sad
to watch someone losing their grip
and seeing her wrangle some poor little man
who obviously will never fit

So Mr Right Now is the answer it seems
and surely she’ll change him someday
unless, like the rest
he decides to bow out

(she’s yet to find one who’ll obey)

We stand on the side lines
and pray that she’ll learn
that love isn’t something you take
I hope that she slows down and looks at her past
then patiently chooses to wait


Funny How Things Turn Out

I heard that
you’re not doing very well
in fact it’s common knowledge
that your life’s a living hell

You know I never cared
for all your social climbing crap
your little ice queen did
-so you chose to marry that

I always thought
that you were so much more..
and not some paper cut out
that this world has seen before

It’s sad to see the dreamer
I once held
struggle to find happiness
with such an empty shell

Me, I spent two years
in one dark place
never thought I’d find someone…
but that was not the case

He claimed my heart
without a second thought

I hope you find your smile again
cos you know, life’s too short 🙂


My playful, boyish jester
oh how you made me laugh

with all your good intentions
– a handful and a half

You waltzed into my life
to play another game of cheat

and how I fell for you my friend
– though others warned deceit

Smiling eyes and wild hair

I’d never been so touched

until you danced into my world
and changed it far too much

Teasing spinning trickster
cheeky to the core

you somehow knew

I’d follow you

and want you more and more

Kisses, oh your kisses!

they promised me your heart
and loving words flowed from your lips

But then..

you did depart

Tears oh how I cried for you
to bring back magic spells

you left me with a broken heart


my jester yells


Dear Johnny Depp

Dear Johnny Depp
from the bottom of my heart
I’ve been waiting 20 years
why must we be apart..

Remember all those movies
like Edward Scissorhands
you always played the outcast
and won the hearts of fans

I waited every weekend
to watch you on TV
seeing you in tight jeans
on 21 jump me!

it made me so impatient
I swear those jeans got tighter
but then you went and fell in love
with that Winona Ryder

Kate Moss held you captive
then Paradis was next..

how you looked straight past me
is anybody’s guess

I can’t resist a gypsy
who plays a river song
you know I just fell deeper

Man you got it going on!

Then you played a pirate
with a dark, sarcastic wit
and outshone poor Orlando

yeh you made him look a twit

Dear Johnny Depp
I don’t know what you’ve got
but even my two daughters
in their 20’s think you’re hot

Rumour is you’re single
and I’m a married mum
but please don’t let that stop you
cos  Johnny
you’re the one!


Talking To Myself

You’re a drunk
and an embarrassment
you can’t be trusted
to hold your tongue

And when you think
you have an audience
you let rip
and have some fun

You’re the life
of every party

(where there’s wine
and beer galore)

but then you wake
with vivid flashbacks
of what you did
the night before

So take a good look
in the mirror

(with blood shot eyes)

remember when?

just last week
you made a promise

you would never drink again!

And here you are
looking for tablets
stomach churning
-aching head

will they call you
up this arvo
and remind you
of what you said

I’m a mother
and a daughter
I’m a friend
and I’m a wife

but when there’s booze
and gypsy music
I can’t help
but drink in life

Back to bed
with lots of water
hope my neighbours
don’t make noise

there’s a party
here next weekend

Will I drink?

Like one of the boys!

smack your kids

I know it’s controversial
but there are some things
that are worse still
than giving them a smack across the rear
It may offend your values
when their little eyes accuse you
and you know it’s bound to always bring a tear

The good book says a father
who doesn’t smack
-is rather
hating his own son
and doing wrong
So grab that wooden spoon dad
and let them know it’s not bad
to put them in their place
where they belong

A healthy fear of parents
makes for wiser kids with conscience
and you’ll find that your good stance
they will reflect
They may even thank you one day
for instilling in them fair play
and you won’t have just their love
but their respect


Our hearts Are Smiling At Each Other

You know our hearts
are smiling at each other

there have been times
we want to kill each other

but when hearts love
they’re working undercover

to put things right
so they can be together

We have no say in something
so profound

The day we met
my heart knew what we’d found

before you even spoke
I felt it pound

our hearts had just made friends

..without a sound

And when you’re far away
I feel it ache

the thought of losing you
makes my heart break

People say we’re made
for one another

I say
it’s because
our hearts
are smiling at each other



Dive head first
…into a shallow pool
throw caution to the wind
you little fool

I play with fire every chance I get

and I’ve been burnt

but sometimes I forget..

to hold my tongue
wait patiently
be still

I always forge ahead
– and always will

You ever get that feeling
you can’t lose

I feel it in my bones
right to my shoes

and I may leave you
totally confused

my common sense
is lacking
when my passion
lights my fuse

My heart is fickle
at the best of times

I love today
then leave it all behind

Impulsive, selfish, stubborn
as I am
I blame it on the fact
that I’m a ram

My good side
is delightful
warm and bright
wicked sense of humour
self depreciating…light

A generous friend and lover,
honest, open, 
full of life

this Aries is a handful

is there any other type  🙂


Should I get a tattoo
with your name across my chest
or maybe on my shoulder
I could get our family crest

Should I be all rebel
and get skulls on my biceps
Maybe I’ll look bad ass with a
tramp stamp screaming ‘Sex’

Should I get a piercing
like a belly button ring
Or maybe pierce my eyebrows
I could really sport some bling

‘No’  you say disgusted
‘You’re too old’ 
‘It isn’t right’
‘You know you would look stupid’

(I was hoping you would bite)

But one day you’ll be my age
and that tattoo won’t wash off
It won’t age well, you mark my words

(But all you do is scoff)

Those spacers in your lobes
have left your ears a dangling mess
I’m sure they’ll look enticing
when you wear a wedding dress

You shake your head in anger
and you stomp off out the door
I may have won this battle
but sadly lost the war

(for my Carly pictured above 🙂

Will You Give In

Open your eyes
let me see
what you see
they were always so easy to read

Would they stare at me coldly
or silently hold me
or pity the source
of my need

Open your mouth
let me hear what you’d say
would you curtly rehearse every line

Would you tell me to go
say you don’t want to know
or would you give in
one more time

Open your heart
let me feel what you feel
let your heart hold the key to your soul

Are you scared to let go
if you are, let me know
does it make you feel out of control

Open your arms
let me hold you in mine
let me share what I’ve felt for too long

Let my love make you soar
like it did once before
don’t deny it’s to you I belong


I thrive on change
I always have
I love not knowing when…
something new will come along
and change my life again

I love to travel
– always have
I crave a different scene
a different landscape
different mood
somewhere I haven’t been

I love to mingle
-always have
I love the sights and sounds
rubbing shoulders
sharing meals
exploring little towns

I love my family
always will
‘the gypsy’
I am called
they love to nest
and plant their feet
and yet they don’t get bored..

I love my life
it suits me fine
the world will be my home
some are meant to settle down
but I was born to roam


Finally a long weekend
and guess who has to work

Just like that
I’m on the clock
my boss is such a jerk

Driving in the midday heat
to load this baby up
taking her to god knows where

‘Just throw it on the truck’

Guess it’s just my life these days
you’ll never find me home
some would say it’s meant to be
I always liked to roam

‘Northbound do you copy’
‘There’s cattle on the road’

‘Copy that and thanks Southbound’
‘You have a safe one bro’

Kangaroos and wombats,
cattle…camels too!
It’s like a damn computer game
swerving through a zoo

And then we hit the dirt roads
the outback’s rough as guts
ever tried to take a nap
in a moving truck?

Mine site in the desert
waiting for supplies
dusty, hot and buggered
we watch the boomgate rise

Then in we roll in hardhats
boots, long pants and shirts
the summer sun is blaring
we unload..and it hurts

Heading home at sundown
the sky puts on a show
pink cockatoos and kangaroos
the landscape all aglow

It’s then I am reminded
how much I love this life
the open road is magic
it’s worth the sacrifice

Mothertrucker signing off
beneath the northern sky
hope you had a great weekend
and really
So did I


Aussie Girl

She’s got sand between her toes
and a sunburnt freckled nose

-she was raised on red dirt roads
where the eucalyptus grows

She goes prawning late at night
with a fish net and flash light

her smile’s warm and bright
and her humour’s soft and light

She’s been taught to never moan
‘cop it sweet and hold your own’

like the land that she calls home
she will weather the unknown

Whitewash running at her feet
in the lazy summer heat

It’s a memory you’ll keep
pure crystal clear and sweet

It’s funny how she shrugs
at the prehistoric bugs

the wildlife’s outrageous
but her laughter’s just contagious

It’s all a part of everything she loves
nobody loves life, like an Aussie does

Not So Old

The kids have grown
and flown the coop
Hooray we’re free at last
We had them young
and it was fun
..the time went by so fast

But now it’s just the two of us
I know we should feel sad
But hey we’re forty
feeling norty
No more ‘mum’ and ‘dad’

Back pack’s ready
ticket’s booked
and passport’s set to go
Kid’s surprised
they roll their eyes
‘You’re too old’
‘don’t you know’

Europe in the Spring time
a tankard full of beer
riding bikes
and hillside hikes
we’re brimming with good cheer

Feeling like our younger selves
we plan on hiring quads
riding round
through little towns
I’ll share it on my blogs

So watch this space
it won’t be long
just 8 more weeks to go
The travel bug
is like a drug
it’s just the start you know


I’m sorry
if I let you down again
My total lack of wisdom
at times
can have no end
And my mouth can just keep talking
till you’re ready to explode
and I’m feeling like a banshee
when I just can’t let things go

I’m sorry
If you’re feeling undesired
I can scatter my attention
and some days I just feel tired
for no apparent reason
I can lose the will to try
Selfish as I am
I will love you
til I die

I’m sorry
for my insecurity
I can sometimes fool myself
So I need your honesty
And it’s truly your forgiveness
That you give so readily
That makes me ever grateful
that you’re always
loving me

If it’s any consolation
I’m as angry at myself
for losing my integrity
then hurting someone else
my weakness isn’t pretty
and it kills me to admit
I’m not a perfect girl at all
and you’re aware of it

Secret Valentine

What would you say
If I told you
I think about you all the time
I hunger for reasons to touch you
I dream that you’re totally mine

My senses are losing their senses
When you and I meet eye to eye
My heart is alarmed by it’s weakness
in watching you just walking by

What would you say
If I called you
And asked you to meet me sometime
Or I could just send you an ecard
I love you
Be My Valentine