Do be jealous


WOMAN-facebookGloves are off
I’m over all these unprovoked attacks
I’m sick of all the things
you try to pull behind my back
I’ve never wanted anything
I’m always coming last
and even as I’m writing this
I’m half afraid to ask

What the hell’s your problem?
How did I become
Something you just love to hate..

I’m hardly anyone

It’s not like I’m competing
with your showy life
yet every time I turn my back

You’re shoving in a knife

You think that I’m oblivious
because I don’t react?
I only want what’s best for you never love me back

Maybe you’re just miserable
and think it’s justified
to make me look so desperate
to get more on your side

I really can’t be bothered
with anything you say
Do be jealous
of my peace
You can’t take that away!

Kisses xxxxx

I adore him

I adore him

I will shower you with kisses
when inside your world goes dark
I know I’m just your Mrs
I can’t fill the missing part

All the damage had been done
long before I came along

Your mother was a mistress and your father did her wrong

So I’ll shower you in kisses
make you something good to eat
I will comfort you in sickness
life can be so bittersweet

Never feel the isolation that you felt so long ago
feel my love and admiration
feel it everywhere you go

All your memories – a blur
there’s no photographs of you
A dirty little secret
God the pain that you’ve lived through
Just abandoned as a baby
no one soothing you to sleep
It’s those little interactions, that can make a child complete

So I smother you in kisses
like your mother should have done
I may only be your Mrs
but I’m also someone’s mum
and no way in hell would I be up and leaving my own son
you’ll be smothered with my kisses
You’ll be loved by everyone


Two Strangers


Two strangers
on a crowded street
it seems so right
that they should meet

It seems so right
to take the time
discover one another’s minds

No lying
what’s the point of lies
they share no friends
-they have no ties

Just for the day
they’ll share their lives
then walk away
with fond goodbyes

Two strangers
on a downtown train
crossing paths,
is this insane
maybe they should meet again?

fate is such a crazy game!

Two strangers
in a city bar
talking fast
and laughing hard

Before they know it
light turns dark
and they’ve both had
a change of heart

Two strangers
feeling so at home
life’s too short
to be alone
this time
they won’t miss the signs

Love is now on both their minds


So I Lied


I lied
yes lied
made the whole sick story up
to shock you
to watch you lap it up
thinking you’ll use it against me one day
Let you believe you had something over me

and it was fun

You underestimated me
I saw right through you
and I played you
because that’s all you deserve
and that’s all you’ll get from me

So before you go throwing it back in my face
in front of your chosen audience

Think twice

Because it will backfire on you
and your pathetic hunger for power

You want some dirt on me?
I’d be happy to fill you in
I’m quite the storyteller
so where should I begin..



If only I had money
I used to tell myself
Yes money is the answer!
I need it now or else…
I’m fed up with these problems
my mind is such a mess
I need to buy a whole new life

You can buy happiness!

But now I see the wisdom
in craving inner peace
instead of wanting money
my heart just needs release
from all the things that weigh me down
– the people I can’t change
This crazy world we live in..

from all the guilt and blame

Jealousy and anger…
insecure fear
Proud and stubborn heart of mine
Stop judging
be sincere!

Leave behind the negative
embrace a happy vibe
listen to that part of you
that’s grateful you’re alive

Forget about the money
the things you need are here
Health and love and happiness
you’ve got it all my dear !




I wanted to forgive you
Don’t wanna be alone
but when you close your eyes to things

you’re really on your own

Staring into space
..hours pass me by

Fake it till you feel it..
or let love cool and die?

The war inside myself
Is tearing me apart
Giving in means living in
a crossroads with my heart

A new life now awaits me
with or without you?

‘Who cares what they think or say’
you throw at me

..I do

Don’t wanna be this person
angry, hurt, confused
Loving you was easy
but now I just feel used

Go in peace
it’s over
I can’t take any more
My heart and head joined forces
cease fire
end of war.

Fat Toby


He lives in the hundred acre wood
So anyone would think his life is good
but Toby has a million things to do

‘What’s that noise
a bird or kangaroo?’

He has to be alert to every threat
if he could just chase butterflies
his life would be perfect!

But Toby needs to stand guard day and night

Dingo’s and goanna’s make him run away in fright

Then there’s all those screeching cockatoos

the kookaburra’s laugh at him

Oh what’s a cat to do?

Rats and bats are driving Toby nuts
sometimes he stays up all night
just protecting us!

Toby is a very stressed out cat
And that’s the reason why our Toby’s fat!