If only I had money
I used to tell myself
Yes money is the answer!
I need it now or else…
I’m fed up with these problems
my mind is such a mess
I need to buy a whole new life

You can buy happiness!

But now I see the wisdom
in craving inner peace
instead of wanting money
my heart just needs release
from all the things that weigh me down
– the people I can’t change
This crazy world we live in..

from all the guilt and blame

Jealousy and anger…
insecure fear
Proud and stubborn heart of mine
Stop judging
be sincere!

Leave behind the negative
embrace a happy vibe
listen to that part of you
that’s grateful you’re alive

Forget about the money
the things you need are here
Health and love and happiness
you’ve got it all my dear !


That Was Me


That was me on that midnight plane
touching down
in the pouring rain
Could have drowned in all the hurt and pain
but that’s not me
I’ll always try again

Just spread your wings
you know you’re capable
of many things
that’s unmistakable
You’ve proved you’re solid
when the wind blows in
Brace yourself it’s time to sink or swim

That was me in the hospital
Doctor’s asked me if I’d make the call
time stood still
I felt too young and small
but there I stood, standing strong and tall

So hold your breath
don’t let that weakness in
you can hold you’re own
when things look grim
Think about those times you didnt flee
then remind yourself
Hey, that was me!



I wanted to forgive you
Don’t wanna be alone
but when you close your eyes to things

you’re really on your own

Staring into space
..hours pass me by

Fake it till you feel it..
or let love cool and die?

The war inside myself
Is tearing me apart
Giving in means living in
a crossroads with my heart

A new life now awaits me
with or without you?

‘Who cares what they think or say’
you throw at me

..I do

Don’t wanna be this person
angry, hurt, confused
Loving you was easy
but now I just feel used

Go in peace
it’s over
I can’t take any more
My heart and head joined forces
cease fire
end of war.

Fat Toby


He lives in the hundred acre wood
So anyone would think his life is good
but Toby has a million things to do

‘What’s that noise
a bird or kangaroo?’

He has to be alert to every threat
if he could just chase butterflies
his life would be perfect!

But Toby needs to stand guard day and night

Dingo’s and goanna’s make him run away in fright

Then there’s all those screeching cockatoos

the kookaburra’s laugh at him

Oh what’s a cat to do?

Rats and bats are driving Toby nuts
sometimes he stays up all night
just protecting us!

Toby is a very stressed out cat
And that’s the reason why our Toby’s fat!

I see a hero


She, never came back

Left him with four kids
..and a mortgage

She never cared that
it was all they had
She said ‘Sell the house’
’cause I want my share
from this marriage’

He struggled through the pain
drove him half insane
had to start again

..with his offspring

Breaking down car
a fridge on the blink
bills never ending
and no time to think

Up packing lunches
waking four sleepy heads
Then working full time
so they all got fed

Four little tearaway’s
running down the beach
sun streaked hair
and a surfboard each
Sure they were feral
with their mother gone
but when he played guitar
they’d all sing along

Time heals wounds
and a sense of humour helps
the best gift he shared with them
was ‘laugh at yourself’

Now his four grown kids
share the stories of their youth
touching and hilarious
and every one is proof
that what he gave was everything
to get them here today
A hero in my eyes is he
though wrinkled, old and grey

That November


That November..

when we searched
for my name on a mug in Paris

A saxaphone delighted our souls on the metro

Under the stars we strolled along the canal
whilst indulging views of the Eiffel tower, lit up like a Christmas tree…

Where we drank the richest hot chocolate

Enjoyed a huge pizza in Provins
then climbed the city walls

Where we joined an anti war protest in Belgium
-admiring the camaraderie of her youth and their ‘live and let live’ attitude

Where we sat in a restaurant in Ghent and watched local children perform in the square

Where we spent a glorious autumn day in Bruges

The Grand Palace in Brussels, made us feel caught up in a fairytale.

Where Christmas markets decorated the streets
and the scent of cinnamon and cloves warmed our nostrils

Where we opened a door onto a balcony and were wowed by views of that city in Germany

Warm waffles, crepes and churros…
Chocolates and curry wurst, bratwurst and beer..
Ice rinks and chestnut trees covered in lights
Gloves, beanies, and a taste of hot egg nog

That November


hold on


What happened to the time we had
it’s disappeared from sight
holding on for what we have
I’m begging you to fight
Don’t give up and don’t give in
I need you to be strong
feel you slip away from me
oh please hold on, hold on

I’m not ready to lose you
I don’t know what went wrong
I only know I need you here
oh please hold on, hold on

Remember that I love you
if you can’t take the strain
I’ll hold your hand and scream with you
and help you through the pain
I’d die for you, you know that
I’m hurting and I’m scared
cause going on without you
is more than I can bear

You mustn’t let it pull you down
you’ve got to carry on
I promise that I’ll breathe for you
oh please hold on, hold on

You can’t let go, can’t leave me
here’s where you belong
everybody loves you so
please hold on, hold on

My heart is in your hands now
my tears fall down like rain
your body’s weak from fighting
I’m calling out your name
They’ve lost your precious heartbeat
they tell me that you’ve gone..
you’ll never be in pain again
No more holding on