I’m a little insecure
When you’re spinning on my nerves
Like a puppet on a heartstring
I’m affected by your words

You can drag me into darkness
When your world is caving in
And I fear the sense of emptyness
That kills you from within

It’s always something awful
Keeping you awake at night
There’s never any beauty
Even when I shine a light

Like a top that keeps on spinning
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow
Sometimes wobbling to the edge
One more turn and off you go

I’m keeping up appearances
And holding down the fort
Crazy doesn’t quite encompass
All your troubled thoughts

Can love restore the balance …
Keep you sane and make you whole?
At times I think it can
Then you spin out of control

It’s all a vicious circle
When you can’t escape the past
For me it’s unknown territory
Ugly, blind and vast

An innocent bystander
Trying hard to hold you down
And make your world a brighter place
When sunshine can’t be found


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