It Was Raining

You said ‘meet me somewhere
Name the place, I’ll be there’
It was raining

It was Southampton Square
I was starting to care
It was raining

I was young with long hair
A sweet breath of fresh air
It was raining

We walked endlessly then
But that was back when
It was raining

You said “why can’t you stay”?
And I couldn’t explain
It was raining

I said “England’s not home”
“God I feel so alone”
It was raining

So we said our goodbyes
And with tears in my eyes
It was raining

Last night you and I spoke
And you said “glad you wrote”
It’s not raining


2 thoughts on “It Was Raining

    • You’re very welcome. I was awaiting a publishing company in London who requested a full manuscript to let me know if they were going to publish my book “If You Hate Poetry” but as I have not heard from them in months, I will just keep on blogging my work. ☺


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