He’s safe and secure
Smart and mature
And he thinks I’m perfect
Sweet and demure

So don’t blow my cover
He might not recover
Knowing that you were
My torrid ex lover

You’ve moved onto her
She’s somewhat a blur
Tattooed and pierced
From a whole other world

Maybe a part of me
Deep in the heart of me
Wishes that you…
Were still a part of me
Maybe the crazy me
Has some good memories
Of how we used to be
Wild and

He’s perfectly sane
Just a little bit vain
Never laughs at himself
Never sings in the rain
Like you did that night
at that little bus stand
top of your voice
Sad, you make him seem bland

So maybe a part of me
Can hardly stand to see
You moving on easily
How could you set me free
Maybe the lonely me
Has been in misery
Wanting you here with me
Wild and

Like always your hair is a mess
Your T shirt is crinkled and so is your smile
sexy as hell
totally wild

maybe a part of me
misses you desperately
longs for the mystery
of how it used to be
Maybe a side of me
can’t be denied you see
When you meant more to me
wild and


2 thoughts on “Carefree

  1. Carefree highway…let her slip away, slip away on me…Gordon Lightfoot…I enjoyed this poem a lot , for all the regrets and don’t forgets, sometimes in the middle of a quiet night, we are where we most want to be…thanks.



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