Looking through our memories
We share our past once more
It makes us laugh to see ourselves
The way we were before

Two children staring back at us
The picture black and white
How I miss those days with you
The secrets shared at night

Now, we move in different worlds
And barely stay in touch
And time with you is always scarce
It never seems enough

Letters always promised
But rarely are they sent
We took those years for granted
I wonder where they went

But may you go on knowing
That time will not forget
All the things you gave to me
And how much I regret

Letting go of something
Precious, strong and true
Thank you for the memories
Thanks for being you


2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. This poem is just beautiful. Words don’t really cover it. I think most of us have share these very human experiences and feelings about our most precious relationships.


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