Which One Are You

Have you met an Aries?
She’s like nobody else
Bossy and impossible
But this girl knows herself

The Scorpion is dangerous
But only if you stray
She’s sensitive and loyal
And sexy rules the day

The lioness is gracious
Generous, proud and wise
If courage is your middle name
You may just win this prize

The independant Archer
Will value honesty
She’s never far from nature
She’s wild and carefree

The Capricorn’s ambitious
Her feet are on the ground
She needs someone reliable
So please don’t let her down

The Gemini’s a whirlwind
She’ll dance in on a cloud
Vibrant as the day is long
She’s crazy, fun and loud

That dreamy Pisces lady
Is really just a girl
Sensitive and private
Too lovely for this world

Virgins keep things organised
Her heart won’t rule her mind
A blessing to her loved ones
She’s smart, alert and kind

The Taurus woman gives her all
Please don’t play with her heart
She’ll be your rock when things get rough
She hates to be apart

Aquarians are so unique
And friends to everyone
You’ll be intrigued right from the start
This girl is lots of fun!

The libran lady’s beautiful
And dimples light her face
But don’t believe she’s delicate
Her strength’s disguised by grace

The lovely lunar lady
Keeps everything inside
A crazy sense of humour
You wish she wouldn’t hide


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