First Love

He has nice teeth
I’ll give him that
but no, he’s not for me
The clothes he wears
that silly hat
My god, he’s so country

And then there’s all that crazy talk
he’s got too many dreams
His best friend’s turning 70
and he’s just seventeen!

He loves the outback
cracks a whip
and rides a horse named ‘Kate’
He doesn’t care what people think

-Okay, I like that trait

He doesn’t drive a suped-up car
he drives a four wheel drive
He’s always wearing desert boots
like some Safari guide

His best mate Adam noticed me
lazing by the pool
All of a sudden
so did he
But hey, I’m much too cool

Maybe I’ll just tease him
and shake him up a bit
Where does he get his confidence
it’s me who’s just been hit

I warmed to his good nature
his wholesome sunny grin
He has old fashioned manners
that somehow drew me in

Now I’m riding bare back
clinging to his waist
And we go four wheel driving
every other day

My friends don’t recognise me
I’m spending all my time
wrapped up in the country
with someone so sublime

Loving me and teaching me
to always be myself
I’m proud to say my first love
was really something else


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