The Diving Board

The diving board was way up high
my heart went pump pump pump
The big kids were all lining up
and one by one they’d jump

In my two piece swimming suit
I must have looked so small
Climbing up that ladder
and shaking to the core

Looking down was torture
I almost lost my nerve
A boy behind me
urged me on
I clung to every word

‘It’s not so scary once you’ve jumped
I’ve done it heaps of times’

I quickly squared my shoulders
and nodded at the line

‘My sisters going first’  I said
‘She’s almost 10 ya know
If she can do it, so can I’

My words were just a show

This jump was going to kill me
unless my fear did first
I summoned up my courage
preparing for the worst

Reluctantly my little feet
edged to the diving board
I swallowed hard
then braced myself
‘You’re doing this!’
I thought

I held my breath
and off I went
everything a blur
Falling fast
and falling hard
my heart was in a whir

But rising to the surface
gasping for some air
and swimming out of harms way
I soon became aware

Of feeling that warm feeling
that pride you give yourself
and only you can do it
It’s really something else

I wore a smile as big as me
My mum was smiling too
She always acted tough like me
but tears were shining through


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