I’m sorry
if I let you down again
My total lack of wisdom
at times
can have no end
And my mouth can just keep talking
till you’re ready to explode
and I’m feeling like a banshee
when I just can’t let things go

I’m sorry
If you’re feeling undesired
I can scatter my attention
and some days I just feel tired
for no apparent reason
I can lose the will to try
Selfish as I am
I will love you
til I die

I’m sorry
for my insecurity
I can sometimes fool myself
So I need your honesty
And it’s truly your forgiveness
That you give so readily
That makes me ever grateful
that you’re always
loving me

If it’s any consolation
I’m as angry at myself
for losing my integrity
then hurting someone else
my weakness isn’t pretty
and it kills me to admit
I’m not a perfect girl at all
and you’re aware of it


17 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Your poetry is my me time,
    Though I sometimes wonder of your reasons and your rhyme.

    Of your life, past or present, are you haunted by some ghost.
    I take what you offer and try to give a little back,
    Always looking forward to your words and your next post.


  2. Thanks Bob. My poems are such an array of recent and past work. I guess they seem a bit jumbled. I lived overseas for 10 years and have had a few lives 🙂 I’m a really positive bubbly person and poetry has always been a great outlet. Half the time I have no idea what I’m going to write, it just flows out. I’m sure you can relate as your stories are so naturally written 🙂


  3. “It just flows out,” is a perfect description of your writing. You feel an emotion and the words just start coming together. No better feeling!


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