Not So Old

The kids have grown
and flown the coop
Hooray we’re free at last
We had them young
and it was fun
..the time went by so fast

But now it’s just the two of us
I know we should feel sad
But hey we’re forty
feeling norty
No more ‘mum’ and ‘dad’

Back pack’s ready
ticket’s booked
and passport’s set to go
Kid’s surprised
they roll their eyes
‘You’re too old’
‘don’t you know’

Europe in the Spring time
a tankard full of beer
riding bikes
and hillside hikes
we’re brimming with good cheer

Feeling like our younger selves
we plan on hiring quads
riding round
through little towns
I’ll share it on my blogs

So watch this space
it won’t be long
just 8 more weeks to go
The travel bug
is like a drug
it’s just the start you know


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