I thrive on change
I always have
I love not knowing when…
something new will come along
and change my life again

I love to travel
– always have
I crave a different scene
a different landscape
different mood
somewhere I haven’t been

I love to mingle
-always have
I love the sights and sounds
rubbing shoulders
sharing meals
exploring little towns

I love my family
always will
‘the gypsy’
I am called
they love to nest
and plant their feet
and yet they don’t get bored..

I love my life
it suits me fine
the world will be my home
some are meant to settle down
but I was born to roam


5 thoughts on “Gypsy

  1. This is the bomb!!!! I love that you are called GYPSY so am I for the very same reasons I love to roam and write delicious poetry about my every move in life I love your stuff it makes me happy to know that someone else lives in a world like mine. Such beauty lies in words.


    • Haha where were you when I was 19 and raring to go πŸ™‚ I always wanted gypsy friends but I come from a small town so I had to go it alone. Thanks for stopping by my kindred spirit


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