Should I get a tattoo
with your name across my chest
or maybe on my shoulder
I could get our family crest

Should I be all rebel
and get skulls on my biceps
Maybe I’ll look bad ass with a
tramp stamp screaming ‘Sex’

Should I get a piercing
like a belly button ring
Or maybe pierce my eyebrows
I could really sport some bling

‘No’Β  you say disgusted
‘You’re too old’Β 
‘It isn’t right’
‘You know you would look stupid’

(I was hoping you would bite)

But one day you’ll be my age
and that tattoo won’t wash off
It won’t age well, you mark my words

(But all you do is scoff)

Those spacers in your lobes
have left your ears a dangling mess
I’m sure they’ll look enticing
when you wear a wedding dress

You shake your head in anger
and you stomp off out the door
I may have won this battle
but sadly lost the war

(for my Carly pictured above πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Tattoo

  1. You tell a great story with your poems. Love them. Read “25 Things to Know Before Your First Tattoo,” on my blog. Bob


  2. My symathies with the kids and the tats. Our youngest daughter wanted to have her mother’s face inked on her back. Flattered but an honor we would rather she didn’t do. Hopefully the ears can be stiched closed with some success when the kids go OOPS. The guy wfho comes up with a non-scaring effective tat removal process with be a rich man in the future. They aren’t cheap either.


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