smack your kids

I know it’s controversial
but there are some things
that are worse still
than giving them a smack across the rear
It may offend your values
when their little eyes accuse you
and you know it’s bound to always bring a tear

The good book says a father
who doesn’t smack
-is rather
hating his own son
and doing wrong
So grab that wooden spoon dad
and let them know it’s not bad
to put them in their place
where they belong

A healthy fear of parents
makes for wiser kids with conscience
and you’ll find that your good stance
they will reflect
They may even thank you one day
for instilling in them fair play
and you won’t have just their love
but their respect



5 thoughts on “smack your kids

  1. I’m not suprised that no one has commented on this considering the atmosphere we have to raise our kids in. Or that you haven’t been roasted on the altar and your kids taken away. Since mine are out of the house, I am safe from the spanking police.
    Right on blog! To call spanking “abuse” is like calling jail time “abuse” (oh, they do….). Our sons are both respectful and adjusted into society just fine, thank you.


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