Dear Johnny Depp

Dear Johnny Depp
from the bottom of my heart
I’ve been waiting 20 years
why must we be apart..

Remember all those movies
like Edward Scissorhands
you always played the outcast
and won the hearts of fans

I waited every weekend
to watch you on TV
seeing you in tight jeans
on 21 jump me!

it made me so impatient
I swear those jeans got tighter
but then you went and fell in love
with that Winona Ryder

Kate Moss held you captive
then Paradis was next..

how you looked straight past me
is anybody’s guess

I can’t resist a gypsy
who plays a river song
you know I just fell deeper

Man you got it going on!

Then you played a pirate
with a dark, sarcastic wit
and outshone poor Orlando

yeh you made him look a twit

Dear Johnny Depp
I don’t know what you’ve got
but even my two daughters
in their 20’s think you’re hot

Rumour is you’re single
and I’m a married mum
but please don’t let that stop you
cosΒ  Johnny
you’re the one!



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