Mr Right Now

She’s constantly searching for her Mr Right
and nothing deters her from this
She’s got some poor lad
she’s lined up
for the part
and he’s trying hard to resist

She’s passive aggressive and over the top
she’s jealous and scared to let go
we gently advise her to loosen the reins
but this only makes her explode

She’s had a good run with a few Mr Wrongs
but now it’s a matter of time
There’s nothing could stop her
he’ll have to leave town
he’s tried every way to decline

It’s funny, it’s tragic, it’s desperately sad
to watch someone losing their grip
and seeing her wrangle some poor little man
who obviously will never fit

So Mr Right Now is the answer it seems
and surely she’ll change him someday
unless, like the rest
he decides to bow out

(she’s yet to find one who’ll obey)

We stand on the side lines
and pray that she’ll learn
that love isn’t something you take
I hope that she slows down and looks at her past
then patiently chooses to wait



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