Smooth Liar


You’re on the run
you’ve changed your name
you know, I’m not surprised
and who the hell is lending you
that Jag you always drive

You’re full of shit
I must admit
it’s always fun to see
how verbal diarrhea
gets you where you need to be

You’re flashing cash
and buying rounds
but you know
I know better
your new friends
are impressed by you

yeah you’re a real go getter

You’d sell your soul
then steal it back
you play an unfair game
and nothing ever touches you
you’re like an open flame

Yeah babe I got your number
forget that you got mine
cos I don’t need to hear about
the mess you left this time

I like you crazy lady
you’re always looking fine
but I can’t justify your needs
to those you leave behind


3 thoughts on “Smooth Liar

  1. I love it!
    But even so I would leave out that “by you” by “Your new friends are impressed by you.” That “your” shows already who you’re speaking of so that last “by you” isn’t needed. It disturbs while reading.


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