She’s a fun..
but complicated girl
her lipsticks’s raunchy red
and she’s rocking out your world

She’s got style
but her halo’s kinda slipping
her morals are in pieces
but with her you could be tripping

She’s adventure
live life now or not at all
and you can’t resist the freedom
it’s too tempting to ignore

There’s no rules
ride a bar down her main street
make a coffeeshop your home
she won’t judge
the indiscreet

She’s the bomb
and she’s opening your mind
like a taste of days gone by
it’s like stepping back in time

And it works
somehow things just fall in place
there’s a multitude of bicycles
and very little space

I’m in love
with her sordid crazy life
she can stick it to the man
she’s not anybody’s wife

Come and see
come and stay here for a while
she’s a sexy, worldly woman
and you’ll leave her with a smile



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