She’s a multitude of detail
dressed up beautifully in white
she’s a garden down a winding road
a balcony of bright

Her heartbeat is a drumroll
she’s as awesome as the sun
and when it comes to cities
she can outshine every one

A staircase, a cathedral
ancient, timeless, set in stone
she’s the ultimate renaissance

and you’ll wish she was your home

Colour’s vivid and eye catching
oh she knows you’ll be seduced
while she spreads her wealth so lazily
she’s clever, not obtuse

She won’t bore you for a second
she’s a feast for every eye
you’ll be struggling to see everything

but time will march on by

She’s bountiful and beautiful
her granduer captivates
impressive doesn’t capture
all the terms she can embrace

We kissed a coin and tossed it high
into her Trevi falls
I know we’ll both return one day
because this girl enthralls!


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