The Ace In The Pack

That soup kitchen may be depressing
but she brings her warm sunny smile
She moves round that hall
with no judgement at all
insisting they stay for a while

She’s never too busy for kindness
she packs them some takeaway cake
and they’re unaware
of how much she cares
or how late she stayed up to bake

They all know her down at the garden
where produce is grown for the poor
she drops by most days
just to offer them praise
yes, she’s been a rock for them all

On Friday’s she’s up at the library
while those needing help sit and wait
she sorts out their tax
and asks nothing back
they all think she’s totally great

So next time you see her out shopping,
waving or stopping to chat
You’ll know what she’s worth
the salt of the earth
My mum is the Ace in the pack



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