He was my first love
with his pixie ears and his reckless statements
he truly believed in forever

He was my first taste
of crazy adventures
and amazingly kind gestures

We were perfect together

He was my hero
wielding a sword like a pirate
with fearless abandon
a grin on his face
and a thirst for first place
his good humour was …random

He was incredibly brave,
nothing short of intriguing
and I was mesmerised
– slightly hypnotised
I was all for believing

He was perfect
he never wanted to be like anybody else
what a lovely idea
Standing on a rock
declaring for all to hear
That dying would be an awfully big adventure!

He was peter

The boy who filled me with wunderlust
taught me to fly
to laugh instead of cry
to embrace the child inside
and follow my heart
to Neverland


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