Adam peaked in high school
-like so many do

He said ‘Ya know it was good back then
I miss those days with you’

‘Now nobody wants to hear
about my boring job
yeh, I used to be the man of her dreams..
now I’m just a blob’

‘The best of days, for us
have really come and gone

You reach your peak in high school
then sadly, life goes on…’

Oh Adam! don’t get dismal
you sound just like that song
don’t be a one hit wonder
the best is yet to come!

That mountain top
had awesome views
but nowhere left to climb
so you were forced to come on down
and leave the past behind

You’ll find another hilltop
I know you’ll fly again
you may just find the boy you lost
inside this sad old man

Adam bought a ticket
and packed his hiking boots
he’s off to find his former self
in his Scottish roots

‘Call me from the Highlands’
I say with tongue in cheek
I hope he makes it to the top
of every mountain peak



7 thoughts on “Adam

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  2. My husband’s name is Adam and after you liked my blog, I was searching on yours for inspiration. He was feeling this way recently, and I think this poem will help him tremendously. What a beautiful coincidence and a beautiful idea in this poem.


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