Wrapping Paper


She’s a cute little package
with a knowing smile
Yeah, she knows what works
and she works with style
She’s got long dark hair
and two big blue eyes
and our son is hooked

see..he’s not too wise

.. I bite my tongue
till I’m tasting blood
cause my stubborn son
needs to learn tough love!

Now, she’s texting boys

let’s just call them ‘friends’

is she free tonight?

well now that depends..

She’s in need of cash
she might come back later

Yeah my son’s in love with
this wrapping paper

Pierced, tattooed, no moral fibre
showing flesh then smiling wider

He’ll get burnt and then he’ll hate her
All she is, is wrapping paper

4 thoughts on “Wrapping Paper

  1. Does mum must remember what used to happen when she took a toy away from a boy? Our job is to wait below holding the net. Love the term in the title Claudie – says it all.


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