Fat Toby


He lives in the hundred acre wood
So anyone would think his life is good
but Toby has a million things to do

‘What’s that noise
a bird or kangaroo?’

He has to be alert to every threat
if he could just chase butterflies
his life would be perfect!

But Toby needs to stand guard day and night

Dingo’s and goanna’s make him run away in fright

Then there’s all those screeching cockatoos

the kookaburra’s laugh at him

Oh what’s a cat to do?

Rats and bats are driving Toby nuts
sometimes he stays up all night
just protecting us!

Toby is a very stressed out cat
And that’s the reason why our Toby’s fat!


You’ll miss this!


Thirty nine degrees here in the shade
sand in every crevice
and the smell of salty waves

A sky that never seems to promise rain
Seaside towns that always feel the same

You’ll miss our Aussie summers
and those flip flops we call ‘thongs’
You’ll miss these dusty winding roads
– it’s true, they’re all too long

Those mossie bites that make you scream blue murder..
you’ll even miss that beetroot on your burger

You’re gonna miss these chooks we buy from Coles
– fast and hot with coleslaw and breadrolls
An esky full of coke and bottled beer
Guaranteed you’re gonna miss it here!

You’ll miss our warm and humid summer nights
The harbour views spectacular
– those Sydney city lights
You’ll miss the easy going Aussie way
‘How’s it goin mate’  and our ‘G’day’

You’ve packed your bags
with clothes and souveniers
Toy kangaroo, akubra hat,
fridge magnets – you bought here…

It hasn’t hit you yet,
you’re heading home
But one day you’ll look back,
when you’re alone

and think of crashing waves
and long hot days
Surfboards on a Combi
and a blonde hair, blue eyed gaze

Then suddenly you’ll crave a memory
and before you know it,
you’ll be missing me 🙂


Shallow Bay


When I was a kid it was prison
living so damn far away
A day into town was a mission
I hated my life in the Bay!

I whined about silence and dirt roads
the forest – a big looming space
A shed in the bush was our homestead
until this big house took its place

I couldn’t move out any faster
-once I’d completed year ten
I found myself back down in Sydney
-the land of the living..again

Returning to visit was different
– often I’d bring a new friend
The bay has her own special magic
and so they would come back again…

Life in The bay is a blessing
a wonderful peaceful escape
Our home is surrounded by forest..
and dirt roads that wind round the lake

Our kids find it dull and depressing..
those long silent days in The bay
we smile and act sympathetic

We know that they’ll love it one day…



Collage 2014-01-16 12_18_55

Heard you described me
as being self absorbed
guess I deserve your lack of praise
Some things you hear should really be ignored
some people read you wrong, some days

I never please you
with the choices that I make
you’ll never understand my path
You need security, you see me as a flake
you say my lifestyle makes you laugh

I wrote a list
of all the things I did last year
-I never do the normal things
like driving trucks – yet another new career
I’m always keen to stretch my wings

Backpacked through Europe
got lost hopelessly in Rome
we spent the whole night on the street
No public transport there to take us home
it was the highlight, so to speak

We have our differences
and you know that’s okay
but there is one thing I would change
I never judge you
never criticise your way
I just wish you could do the same

I Am (not Neil Diamond)

Perth is fine
the sun shines most the time
and the feeling is laid back
Palm trees grow and rents are low
but you know, 
I keep thinking about ..
making my way back

I’m Sydney City born and raised
but nowadays,
I’m caught between two shores

Perth is fine but it ain’t home
Sydney’s home but it ain’t mine, no more

I am, I said
to my old man
and he replied ‘I understand’
I am, I cried
I am, said I
And I can’t change the way I feel
how hard I’ve tried

You ever hear the story about the Aussie girl who married a Danish prince
and moved to Denmark?
Well except for the names and a few other changes
if you talk about me,
that story’s my benchmark

But I’ve got an emptiness deep inside
and I’ve tried
but it won’t let me go
and I’m not a girl who likes to swear
but I’ve never cared
for the thought
of settling in one home

I am, I said
to my old man
and he replied ‘I understand’
I am, I cried
I am, said I
And I can’t change the way I am
how hard I’ve tried

Perth is fine
the sun shines most the time
and the feeling is laid back..

Aussie Sunday

Crispy crumpets toasted
with a smear of Vegemite
A little piece of heaven
absorbed in every bite

A bush walk down a trail
with Jeannie at my heels
she’s just a little puppy dog
who loves my half burnt meals

Kindling for our fire
is taken from my arms
replaced with strong hot coffee
you gotta love his charms

Music fills our little home
and Jeannie takes a nap
while budgie’s mirror always shows
a very handsome chap

Soon I’ll go out foraging
for vegie’s, herbs and eggs
our garden is a wondrous place
and great to stretch my legs

The winter days are shorter
so round-up time is five
the chooks,  the ducks and guinea fowl
are sure to run and hide

Worn out from the farmyard games
we head back home for tea
a glass of wine might follow
while we watch some TV

Fire stacked with heavy logs
we saunter off to bed
we love our Aussie Sunday’s
it’s the Monday’s that we dread!

Calling Sydney

Calling Florence from the lobby
of a Hilton in the square
Can’t afford one night in Paris
but my darling, you don’t care

We’re two drifters on a journey
loving anything that’s new
we’d prefer to eat our dinner
on a park bench with a view

We could teach the peasants english
in a medieval town
just a pair of homing pigeons
who may never settle down

We can see the world through windows
on an intercity train
or cuddle up in Starbucks
while the streets soak up Spring rain

Calling Sydney from a phone box
on a steamy little street
where the echoes from the market place
are busy and upbeat

Piazza’s are our stomping ground
where buskers come to sing
we bring our store bought vino
and we drink in everything

We’re a world away from anyone
and years away from home
if we call, we’ll have to call collect
we’re skint but not alone

I’m Italian, then I’m German
I’m an Austrian for sure
but Amsterdam has changed me
– it’s the Dutch that I adore

No, really I’m an Aussie
and it’s time to say goodbye
but Europe you were wonderful
-real candy for the eye

Our memories will warm us
and leave us wanting more
I promise we’ll return real soon
and stay a year or more