hold on


What happened to the time we had
it’s disappeared from sight
holding on for what we have
I’m begging you to fight
Don’t give up and don’t give in
I need you to be strong
feel you slip away from me
oh please hold on, hold on

I’m not ready to lose you
I don’t know what went wrong
I only know I need you here
oh please hold on, hold on

Remember that I love you
if you can’t take the strain
I’ll hold your hand and scream with you
and help you through the pain
I’d die for you, you know that
I’m hurting and I’m scared
cause going on without you
is more than I can bear

You mustn’t let it pull you down
you’ve got to carry on
I promise that I’ll breathe for you
oh please hold on, hold on

You can’t let go, can’t leave me
here’s where you belong
everybody loves you so
please hold on, hold on

My heart is in your hands now
my tears fall down like rain
your body’s weak from fighting
I’m calling out your name
They’ve lost your precious heartbeat
they tell me that you’ve gone..
you’ll never be in pain again
No more holding on


Remembering Jack



The fifth of September,  his parent’s touched down

the first time they’d been to Phuket
it wasn’t a moment of joy for them both
but one they would never forget

Her eyes never smiled, she longed to believe
that somehow they had the wrong boy
Her beautiful son should be strong and alive
he’d always brought them so much joy

Five years is forever for parent’s who care,
did Jack know how much he was missed?
Was coming back home such a terrible thing?
Oh how could their lone son do this?

Welcomed by housemates from all walks of life
Stories and pictures were shared
Jack’s shell shocked parent’s were now in Jack’s world,
surprised that so many kids cared

His charm and his spirit, his mad sense of humour
Jack was amazingly kind
His daring, his warmth, and his constant good nature
he left a big fan club behind

Facebook was streaming from kids round the globe
Jack had touched all of their lives
So many reached out when they learned about Jack
..his parent’s had not realized

Jack couldn’t go home, he couldn’t go back
he couldn’t face life in that town
so Jack rode the wave on a mind blowing drug
ensuring he never came down

His funeral was open to all of Jack’s friends
Beds, food and drinks were provided
They came from all corners in tshirts and thongs
dad said ‘no dress code required’

And true to Jack’s style they all raised a glass
and laughingly talked about Jack
he would have been proud of the people he loved
and how much they all loved him back..



Earth is such a lonely place without you
Sunshine cannot scorch your memory
I just spend my days thinking about you
Smiling hides my tears and misery

Photographs in picture frames
and albums I embrace
Treasures, since you went away
but you, they can’t replace

Mountain views and winter snow
I cherish
but even they can’t comfort me
for long
At times I wish I too, like you
will perish
then I won’t be forced to be so strong

Last night we were beautiful together
In my dream you told me not to cry
You will be my guiding light forever
then you kissed my lips and said ‘goodbye’


Wishing You Were Here

I saw you there in Venice
felt the romance in the air
I saw you feeding pigeons
Strolling through San Marcos Square

In London you went walking
And I passed you in Hyde Park
In Amsterdam I met you
In a cafe after dark

I feel your eyes upon me
And I wonder where you are
Looking down from heaven
are you just another star

When I turn another corner
Will you all but disappear
Drowning in my loneliness
Wishing you were here

I woke in Monte Carlo
In a palace by the sea
Roaming through the marketplace
I saw you on the quay

Portugal was lovely
With summer on its way
I looked for you in Lisbon
Thought about you every day

In Spain a Senorita
was dancing to guitar
While I drowned away my sorrows
In a flask of sangria

I missed you in Gibraltor
But you showed up in Algiers
And when it came to leaving
You were holding back the years

I feel your eyes upon me
and I wonder
where you are
Looking down from heaven
are you just another star

When I turn another corner
Will you all but disappear
Drowning in my loneliness
Wishing you were here