That November


That November..

when we searched
for my name on a mug in Paris

A saxaphone delighted our souls on the metro

Under the stars we strolled along the canal
whilst indulging views of the Eiffel tower, lit up like a Christmas tree…

Where we drank the richest hot chocolate

Enjoyed a huge pizza in Provins
then climbed the city walls

Where we joined an anti war protest in Belgium
-admiring the camaraderie of her youth and their ‘live and let live’ attitude

Where we sat in a restaurant in Ghent and watched local children perform in the square

Where we spent a glorious autumn day in Bruges

The Grand Palace in Brussels, made us feel caught up in a fairytale.

Where Christmas markets decorated the streets
and the scent of cinnamon and cloves warmed our nostrils

Where we opened a door onto a balcony and were wowed by views of that city in Germany

Warm waffles, crepes and churros…
Chocolates and curry wurst, bratwurst and beer..
Ice rinks and chestnut trees covered in lights
Gloves, beanies, and a taste of hot egg nog

That November



Remembering Jack



The fifth of September,  his parent’s touched down

the first time they’d been to Phuket
it wasn’t a moment of joy for them both
but one they would never forget

Her eyes never smiled, she longed to believe
that somehow they had the wrong boy
Her beautiful son should be strong and alive
he’d always brought them so much joy

Five years is forever for parent’s who care,
did Jack know how much he was missed?
Was coming back home such a terrible thing?
Oh how could their lone son do this?

Welcomed by housemates from all walks of life
Stories and pictures were shared
Jack’s shell shocked parent’s were now in Jack’s world,
surprised that so many kids cared

His charm and his spirit, his mad sense of humour
Jack was amazingly kind
His daring, his warmth, and his constant good nature
he left a big fan club behind

Facebook was streaming from kids round the globe
Jack had touched all of their lives
So many reached out when they learned about Jack
..his parent’s had not realized

Jack couldn’t go home, he couldn’t go back
he couldn’t face life in that town
so Jack rode the wave on a mind blowing drug
ensuring he never came down

His funeral was open to all of Jack’s friends
Beds, food and drinks were provided
They came from all corners in tshirts and thongs
dad said ‘no dress code required’

And true to Jack’s style they all raised a glass
and laughingly talked about Jack
he would have been proud of the people he loved
and how much they all loved him back..


Student’s Abroad


I love to stalk your travels
and read your points of view
imagine all the sights and sounds
– the things you’re going through

I love to watch you tumble
then land back on your feet
grasp languages and cultures
you never thought you’d speak

I love to feel the rush
when someone takes the plunge
I’m there with you
Excited too!
Be brave out there dear ones

I love your crazy photo’s
the people you inspire
A traveller’s like a breath of Spring
awakening desire

I love to watch you settle
to see you’ve made a home
Stranger’s become family
so you won’t miss your own

I love to see you laughing
and knowing you’ll be fine
a whole new world has opened up
enjoy this precious time!


Great Divides

We kissed a few frogs
and we dated some dogs
yeah we climbed into bed with some slime
It took time to learn
that it pays to discern
who should take up our money and time

We partied all night
got home drunk at daylight
feeling seedy and tired and spent
we could laugh at ourselves
and our hangover hells
man, it feels like those days came and went

‘I’m too sexy’ would play
while we danced round the place
we were looking for fun, friends and love
then I flew off one day
on a cheap one way plane
-the recession turned push into shove

I cashed in my bets
while you looked for To-lets
It was time to start living our lives
I found myself there
just a case and long hair
while you soon settled down …

-great divides

Now we catch up sometimes
and we talk of those times
when we didn’t know where we’d end up
It was crazy and wild
brings a genuine smile
some parts of us never grow up


She’s a fun..
but complicated girl
her lipsticks’s raunchy red
and she’s rocking out your world

She’s got style
but her halo’s kinda slipping
her morals are in pieces
but with her you could be tripping

She’s adventure
live life now or not at all
and you can’t resist the freedom
it’s too tempting to ignore

There’s no rules
ride a bar down her main street
make a coffeeshop your home
she won’t judge
the indiscreet

She’s the bomb
and she’s opening your mind
like a taste of days gone by
it’s like stepping back in time

And it works
somehow things just fall in place
there’s a multitude of bicycles
and very little space

I’m in love
with her sordid crazy life
she can stick it to the man
she’s not anybody’s wife

Come and see
come and stay here for a while
she’s a sexy, worldly woman
and you’ll leave her with a smile


i hope that time doesn’t catch us


Cockroaches in the hall
cheap lino on the floor
a dirty sink full of dishes

people just come and go
some we don’t even know
this is a crib full of drifters

Sweet music plays all night
we rock by candlelight
and love without expectation

we live for freedom yeah
too young to really care
about the world’s complications

You light my cigarette
it’s getting cold…I’m wet
this winter’s dragged on for too long

your pocket’s warm my hands
we do a little dance

let’s go lay down on your futon

then we’ll watch rage all night
under your disco light
I might curl up on your mattress

you play your air guitar
dream big my little star
I hope that time doesn’t catch us

I hope that time doesn’t catch us

You’re smarter than our peers
I’m wiser than my years
our world is brighter in darkness

my clothes are inside out
ain’t that what life’s about
it’s upside down, it’s a hard test

Out there we’re underpaid
unsure not unafraid
there’s nothing here that attracts us

while they chase dollar signs
we love with open minds
I hope that time doesn’t catch us

I hope that time doesn’t catch us


My playful, boyish jester
oh how you made me laugh

with all your good intentions
– a handful and a half

You waltzed into my life
to play another game of cheat

and how I fell for you my friend
– though others warned deceit

Smiling eyes and wild hair

I’d never been so touched

until you danced into my world
and changed it far too much

Teasing spinning trickster
cheeky to the core

you somehow knew

I’d follow you

and want you more and more

Kisses, oh your kisses!

they promised me your heart
and loving words flowed from your lips

But then..

you did depart

Tears oh how I cried for you
to bring back magic spells

you left me with a broken heart


my jester yells