Kisses xxxxx

I adore him

I adore him

I will shower you with kisses
when inside your world goes dark
I know I’m just your Mrs
I can’t fill the missing part

All the damage had been done
long before I came along

Your mother was a mistress and your father did her wrong

So I’ll shower you in kisses
make you something good to eat
I will comfort you in sickness
life can be so bittersweet

Never feel the isolation that you felt so long ago
feel my love and admiration
feel it everywhere you go

All your memories – a blur
there’s no photographs of you
A dirty little secret
God the pain that you’ve lived through
Just abandoned as a baby
no one soothing you to sleep
It’s those little interactions, that can make a child complete

So I smother you in kisses
like your mother should have done
I may only be your Mrs
but I’m also someone’s mum
and no way in hell would I be up and leaving my own son
you’ll be smothered with my kisses
You’ll be loved by everyone



I see a hero


She, never came back

Left him with four kids
..and a mortgage

She never cared that
it was all they had
She said ‘Sell the house’
’cause I want my share
from this marriage’

He struggled through the pain
drove him half insane
had to start again

..with his offspring

Breaking down car
a fridge on the blink
bills never ending
and no time to think

Up packing lunches
waking four sleepy heads
Then working full time
so they all got fed

Four little tearaway’s
running down the beach
sun streaked hair
and a surfboard each
Sure they were feral
with their mother gone
but when he played guitar
they’d all sing along

Time heals wounds
and a sense of humour helps
the best gift he shared with them
was ‘laugh at yourself’

Now his four grown kids
share the stories of their youth
touching and hilarious
and every one is proof
that what he gave was everything
to get them here today
A hero in my eyes is he
though wrinkled, old and grey

The Ace In The Pack

That soup kitchen may be depressing
but she brings her warm sunny smile
She moves round that hall
with no judgement at all
insisting they stay for a while

She’s never too busy for kindness
she packs them some takeaway cake
and they’re unaware
of how much she cares
or how late she stayed up to bake

They all know her down at the garden
where produce is grown for the poor
she drops by most days
just to offer them praise
yes, she’s been a rock for them all

On Friday’s she’s up at the library
while those needing help sit and wait
she sorts out their tax
and asks nothing back
they all think she’s totally great

So next time you see her out shopping,
waving or stopping to chat
You’ll know what she’s worth
the salt of the earth
My mum is the Ace in the pack


Talking To Myself

You’re a drunk
and an embarrassment
you can’t be trusted
to hold your tongue

And when you think
you have an audience
you let rip
and have some fun

You’re the life
of every party

(where there’s wine
and beer galore)

but then you wake
with vivid flashbacks
of what you did
the night before

So take a good look
in the mirror

(with blood shot eyes)

remember when?

just last week
you made a promise

you would never drink again!

And here you are
looking for tablets
stomach churning
-aching head

will they call you
up this arvo
and remind you
of what you said

I’m a mother
and a daughter
I’m a friend
and I’m a wife

but when there’s booze
and gypsy music
I can’t help
but drink in life

Back to bed
with lots of water
hope my neighbours
don’t make noise

there’s a party
here next weekend

Will I drink?

Like one of the boys!