Finally a long weekend
and guess who has to work

Just like that
I’m on the clock
my boss is such a jerk

Driving in the midday heat
to load this baby up
taking her to god knows where

‘Just throw it on the truck’

Guess it’s just my life these days
you’ll never find me home
some would say it’s meant to be
I always liked to roam

‘Northbound do you copy’
‘There’s cattle on the road’

‘Copy that and thanks Southbound’
‘You have a safe one bro’

Kangaroos and wombats,
cattle…camels too!
It’s like a damn computer game
swerving through a zoo

And then we hit the dirt roads
the outback’s rough as guts
ever tried to take a nap
in a moving truck?

Mine site in the desert
waiting for supplies
dusty, hot and buggered
we watch the boomgate rise

Then in we roll in hardhats
boots, long pants and shirts
the summer sun is blaring
we unload..and it hurts

Heading home at sundown
the sky puts on a show
pink cockatoos and kangaroos
the landscape all aglow

It’s then I am reminded
how much I love this life
the open road is magic
it’s worth the sacrifice

Mothertrucker signing off
beneath the northern sky
hope you had a great weekend
and really
So did I