That November


That November..

when we searched
for my name on a mug in Paris

A saxaphone delighted our souls on the metro

Under the stars we strolled along the canal
whilst indulging views of the Eiffel tower, lit up like a Christmas tree…

Where we drank the richest hot chocolate

Enjoyed a huge pizza in Provins
then climbed the city walls

Where we joined an anti war protest in Belgium
-admiring the camaraderie of her youth and their ‘live and let live’ attitude

Where we sat in a restaurant in Ghent and watched local children perform in the square

Where we spent a glorious autumn day in Bruges

The Grand Palace in Brussels, made us feel caught up in a fairytale.

Where Christmas markets decorated the streets
and the scent of cinnamon and cloves warmed our nostrils

Where we opened a door onto a balcony and were wowed by views of that city in Germany

Warm waffles, crepes and churros…
Chocolates and curry wurst, bratwurst and beer..
Ice rinks and chestnut trees covered in lights
Gloves, beanies, and a taste of hot egg nog

That November



Calling Sydney

Calling Florence from the lobby
of a Hilton in the square
Can’t afford one night in Paris
but my darling, you don’t care

We’re two drifters on a journey
loving anything that’s new
we’d prefer to eat our dinner
on a park bench with a view

We could teach the peasants english
in a medieval town
just a pair of homing pigeons
who may never settle down

We can see the world through windows
on an intercity train
or cuddle up in Starbucks
while the streets soak up Spring rain

Calling Sydney from a phone box
on a steamy little street
where the echoes from the market place
are busy and upbeat

Piazza’s are our stomping ground
where buskers come to sing
we bring our store bought vino
and we drink in everything

We’re a world away from anyone
and years away from home
if we call, we’ll have to call collect
we’re skint but not alone

I’m Italian, then I’m German
I’m an Austrian for sure
but Amsterdam has changed me
– it’s the Dutch that I adore

No, really I’m an Aussie
and it’s time to say goodbye
but Europe you were wonderful
-real candy for the eye

Our memories will warm us
and leave us wanting more
I promise we’ll return real soon
and stay a year or more