Carve me out a new life
with your tools of observation
you can see it in my eyes
I’m craving motivation

Pencil in the smile
I lost along the way
let your artist’s fingers
sketch the girl who got away

Keep me in the picture
adore me with your eyes
let me see your love for me..
peek out through cloudy skies

Sketch me out a blanket
of fragrant daffodils
shadow us a corner
in water coloured hills

Create the perfect setting
with hands that I adore
sprinkle us in sunlight
So I’ll love life once more





She’s a multitude of detail
dressed up beautifully in white
she’s a garden down a winding road
a balcony of bright

Her heartbeat is a drumroll
she’s as awesome as the sun
and when it comes to cities
she can outshine every one

A staircase, a cathedral
ancient, timeless, set in stone
she’s the ultimate renaissance

and you’ll wish she was your home

Colour’s vivid and eye catching
oh she knows you’ll be seduced
while she spreads her wealth so lazily
she’s clever, not obtuse

She won’t bore you for a second
she’s a feast for every eye
you’ll be struggling to see everything

but time will march on by

She’s bountiful and beautiful
her granduer captivates
impressive doesn’t capture
all the terms she can embrace

We kissed a coin and tossed it high
into her Trevi falls
I know we’ll both return one day
because this girl enthralls!

Mr Right Now

She’s constantly searching for her Mr Right
and nothing deters her from this
She’s got some poor lad
she’s lined up
for the part
and he’s trying hard to resist

She’s passive aggressive and over the top
she’s jealous and scared to let go
we gently advise her to loosen the reins
but this only makes her explode

She’s had a good run with a few Mr Wrongs
but now it’s a matter of time
There’s nothing could stop her
he’ll have to leave town
he’s tried every way to decline

It’s funny, it’s tragic, it’s desperately sad
to watch someone losing their grip
and seeing her wrangle some poor little man
who obviously will never fit

So Mr Right Now is the answer it seems
and surely she’ll change him someday
unless, like the rest
he decides to bow out

(she’s yet to find one who’ll obey)

We stand on the side lines
and pray that she’ll learn
that love isn’t something you take
I hope that she slows down and looks at her past
then patiently chooses to wait



My playful, boyish jester
oh how you made me laugh

with all your good intentions
– a handful and a half

You waltzed into my life
to play another game of cheat

and how I fell for you my friend
– though others warned deceit

Smiling eyes and wild hair

I’d never been so touched

until you danced into my world
and changed it far too much

Teasing spinning trickster
cheeky to the core

you somehow knew

I’d follow you

and want you more and more

Kisses, oh your kisses!

they promised me your heart
and loving words flowed from your lips

But then..

you did depart

Tears oh how I cried for you
to bring back magic spells

you left me with a broken heart


my jester yells


Our hearts Are Smiling At Each Other

You know our hearts
are smiling at each other

there have been times
we want to kill each other

but when hearts love
they’re working undercover

to put things right
so they can be together

We have no say in something
so profound

The day we met
my heart knew what we’d found

before you even spoke
I felt it pound

our hearts had just made friends

..without a sound

And when you’re far away
I feel it ache

the thought of losing you
makes my heart break

People say we’re made
for one another

I say
it’s because
our hearts
are smiling at each other



Dive head first
…into a shallow pool
throw caution to the wind
you little fool

I play with fire every chance I get

and I’ve been burnt

but sometimes I forget..

to hold my tongue
wait patiently
be still

I always forge ahead
– and always will

You ever get that feeling
you can’t lose

I feel it in my bones
right to my shoes

and I may leave you
totally confused

my common sense
is lacking
when my passion
lights my fuse

My heart is fickle
at the best of times

I love today
then leave it all behind

Impulsive, selfish, stubborn
as I am
I blame it on the fact
that I’m a ram

My good side
is delightful
warm and bright
wicked sense of humour
self depreciating…light

A generous friend and lover,
honest, open, 
full of life

this Aries is a handful

is there any other type  🙂


Should I get a tattoo
with your name across my chest
or maybe on my shoulder
I could get our family crest

Should I be all rebel
and get skulls on my biceps
Maybe I’ll look bad ass with a
tramp stamp screaming ‘Sex’

Should I get a piercing
like a belly button ring
Or maybe pierce my eyebrows
I could really sport some bling

‘No’  you say disgusted
‘You’re too old’ 
‘It isn’t right’
‘You know you would look stupid’

(I was hoping you would bite)

But one day you’ll be my age
and that tattoo won’t wash off
It won’t age well, you mark my words

(But all you do is scoff)

Those spacers in your lobes
have left your ears a dangling mess
I’m sure they’ll look enticing
when you wear a wedding dress

You shake your head in anger
and you stomp off out the door
I may have won this battle
but sadly lost the war

(for my Carly pictured above 🙂