Two Strangers


Two strangers
on a crowded street
it seems so right
that they should meet

It seems so right
to take the time
discover one another’s minds

No lying
what’s the point of lies
they share no friends
-they have no ties

Just for the day
they’ll share their lives
then walk away
with fond goodbyes

Two strangers
on a downtown train
crossing paths,
is this insane
maybe they should meet again?

fate is such a crazy game!

Two strangers
in a city bar
talking fast
and laughing hard

Before they know it
light turns dark
and they’ve both had
a change of heart

Two strangers
feeling so at home
life’s too short
to be alone
this time
they won’t miss the signs

Love is now on both their minds



You’ll miss this!


Thirty nine degrees here in the shade
sand in every crevice
and the smell of salty waves

A sky that never seems to promise rain
Seaside towns that always feel the same

You’ll miss our Aussie summers
and those flip flops we call ‘thongs’
You’ll miss these dusty winding roads
– it’s true, they’re all too long

Those mossie bites that make you scream blue murder..
you’ll even miss that beetroot on your burger

You’re gonna miss these chooks we buy from Coles
– fast and hot with coleslaw and breadrolls
An esky full of coke and bottled beer
Guaranteed you’re gonna miss it here!

You’ll miss our warm and humid summer nights
The harbour views spectacular
– those Sydney city lights
You’ll miss the easy going Aussie way
‘How’s it goin mate’  and our ‘G’day’

You’ve packed your bags
with clothes and souveniers
Toy kangaroo, akubra hat,
fridge magnets – you bought here…

It hasn’t hit you yet,
you’re heading home
But one day you’ll look back,
when you’re alone

and think of crashing waves
and long hot days
Surfboards on a Combi
and a blonde hair, blue eyed gaze

Then suddenly you’ll crave a memory
and before you know it,
you’ll be missing me 🙂


Aussie Sunday

Crispy crumpets toasted
with a smear of Vegemite
A little piece of heaven
absorbed in every bite

A bush walk down a trail
with Jeannie at my heels
she’s just a little puppy dog
who loves my half burnt meals

Kindling for our fire
is taken from my arms
replaced with strong hot coffee
you gotta love his charms

Music fills our little home
and Jeannie takes a nap
while budgie’s mirror always shows
a very handsome chap

Soon I’ll go out foraging
for vegie’s, herbs and eggs
our garden is a wondrous place
and great to stretch my legs

The winter days are shorter
so round-up time is five
the chooks,  the ducks and guinea fowl
are sure to run and hide

Worn out from the farmyard games
we head back home for tea
a glass of wine might follow
while we watch some TV

Fire stacked with heavy logs
we saunter off to bed
we love our Aussie Sunday’s
it’s the Monday’s that we dread!