Now we both see Red


Wasn’t I a lovely thing
innocent and so caring
when you’re young
you’re so trusting
you could have told me anything

And I bled
all over your beautiful bed
now we both see red
now we both see red

Wasn’t I a simple doe
big wide eyes
that loved you so
When you left
I felt the blow
damn you man
for letting go

And I bled
all over your beautiful bed
now we both see red
now we both see red

Wasn’t I
a happy child
full of hope
and running wild
always met you
with a smile
hope I stained your
conscience while..
I bled
all over your beautiful bed
now we both see red
now we both see red


Student’s Abroad


I love to stalk your travels
and read your points of view
imagine all the sights and sounds
– the things you’re going through

I love to watch you tumble
then land back on your feet
grasp languages and cultures
you never thought you’d speak

I love to feel the rush
when someone takes the plunge
I’m there with you
Excited too!
Be brave out there dear ones

I love your crazy photo’s
the people you inspire
A traveller’s like a breath of Spring
awakening desire

I love to watch you settle
to see you’ve made a home
Stranger’s become family
so you won’t miss your own

I love to see you laughing
and knowing you’ll be fine
a whole new world has opened up
enjoy this precious time!


Broken veins and promises


Did someone cut you to the core
in that psyche ward corridor
left you bleeding on the floor
bandaged wrists, still red and raw

Victim of my indecision
lover of my half arsed vision
you said that you were meant for me
but I’m your biggest enemy

Broken veins and promises
can teach us many things
like never grip onto a heart
that needs to spread it’s wings ….

With shaking hands, I called your mum and dad
his eyes were red from crying
and your mum was bloody mad
Awkward and confused I felt so bad
the whole thing seemed surreal and very sad

Crippling as it was to let you go..
curled up in a fetal pose
-it broke my heart, you know

I left you in that cold white bed
walked the streets to clear my head
thanked the lord that you weren’t dead
then headed to the scene of dread

The empty bottles kind of said it all
when I let myself in your front door
blood was on the wall and down the hall
but most of it was on your bathroom floor

I scrubbed and washed all evidence away
I thought ‘your parents don’t need this today’
I left a letter trying to convey
‘how sad I was that things turned out this way’

This poem lacks my usual rhythm and balance, like my life did back then.

Great Divides

We kissed a few frogs
and we dated some dogs
yeah we climbed into bed with some slime
It took time to learn
that it pays to discern
who should take up our money and time

We partied all night
got home drunk at daylight
feeling seedy and tired and spent
we could laugh at ourselves
and our hangover hells
man, it feels like those days came and went

‘I’m too sexy’ would play
while we danced round the place
we were looking for fun, friends and love
then I flew off one day
on a cheap one way plane
-the recession turned push into shove

I cashed in my bets
while you looked for To-lets
It was time to start living our lives
I found myself there
just a case and long hair
while you soon settled down …

-great divides

Now we catch up sometimes
and we talk of those times
when we didn’t know where we’d end up
It was crazy and wild
brings a genuine smile
some parts of us never grow up

i hope that time doesn’t catch us


Cockroaches in the hall
cheap lino on the floor
a dirty sink full of dishes

people just come and go
some we don’t even know
this is a crib full of drifters

Sweet music plays all night
we rock by candlelight
and love without expectation

we live for freedom yeah
too young to really care
about the world’s complications

You light my cigarette
it’s getting cold…I’m wet
this winter’s dragged on for too long

your pocket’s warm my hands
we do a little dance

let’s go lay down on your futon

then we’ll watch rage all night
under your disco light
I might curl up on your mattress

you play your air guitar
dream big my little star
I hope that time doesn’t catch us

I hope that time doesn’t catch us

You’re smarter than our peers
I’m wiser than my years
our world is brighter in darkness

my clothes are inside out
ain’t that what life’s about
it’s upside down, it’s a hard test

Out there we’re underpaid
unsure not unafraid
there’s nothing here that attracts us

while they chase dollar signs
we love with open minds
I hope that time doesn’t catch us

I hope that time doesn’t catch us